The New York Times Magazine seems to think that Planet Hillary is a better name for Earth. Not only do they want to elect Hillary Clinton for President of the United States, but perhaps Empress of Earth as well. They apparently are looking forward to our world being run by ′war women′, seeking free contraceptives for their over-blown libidos and a free Harvard law degree paid for by some Sugar Daddy or by Uncle Sugar in Washington. Perhaps Hillary will also side with ′Stand With Wendy Davis′ and trash men in wheelchairs while such women abort their babies and abandon their teenage daughters, too! With Chris Christie on a political suicide watch, will Mike Huckabee be alone to challenge Hillary in 2016? Or has he already put his foot in his gaping mouth?

planet hillary

I am not surprised that The New York Times is busy building up Hillary Clinton for her 2016 run for the White House. She was not even mentioned in their ′hit piece′ about the Benghazi terrorist attack published a few weeks ago. As if she never had anything to do with the State Department or any decisions made there about security for our ambassadors and personnel overseas. Hillary logged over a million miles flying about the planet on what apparently was just one long and expensive vacation.

Yes, I can see it now. President Hillary will be snoozing away while our ambassadors are murdered and dragged through the streets of cities run by terrorists. Their bodies sodomized and abused by angry crowds. The only 3am phone calls Hillary will be listening in on are those between her husband and his bimbos. Maybe Hillary will order a new class of drones that will follow Bill and toss an ashtray at him when he gets out of line?

This is what we can expect on Planet Hillary. Forget the fluff piece by The New York Times Magazine. If Hillary Clinton is elected in 2016 and replaces Barack Obama in the White House, America will become a nation of war women. Sugar Daddies and Uncle Sugar will be shaken down to pay for the contraceptives and free Harvard law school degrees these hyper-libido women want. Just ask Mike Huckabee. You could ask Wendy Davis, too, but she might be busy pushing men in wheelchairs off a cliff or killing babies or abandoning a teenage daughter or rewriting her biography while she pursues her own selfish career ambitions.