Okay, weather fans! You′ve heard of the Polar Vortex. Now we have ′Bombogenisis′! Yes, bombogenisis, meteorological slang for a ′rapid intensification′ of a low pressure zone, causing an ordinary storm to become a hurricane within hours. The criteria for such is a drop in air pressure of at least 24 millibars during a 24-hour period. Currently, a major storm is swirling off the southern coast of Alaska that ′exploded′, like a bomb, as the air pressure of its center dropped 42 millibars in 24 hours. In just a 12 hour period, it dropped 26mb, officially becoming a cyclone.


So here we go again as I am certain that the Global Warming/Climate Change crowd will charge that this is all due to man-made, CO2 emissions. Something new to scare children with scenes of polar bears drowning in ocean as environmentalist groups beg for more money. Not that the $150 Billion dollars we are already spending every year is doing any good. Not unless you are one of Barack Obama′s pals and own a solar or wind power company.

Yes, this is an Open Thread, so you may comment on anything you like. I could have easily written about the latest Obama scandals. Our old pal, Tim ′Turbo-Tax′ Geithner is in the middle of allegations of political retribution against Standards & Poors when they dropped the government′s credit rating in 2011 during the debt ceiling debate. Geithner allegedly told the head of S&P that if they did so, there would be consequences. The federal government now has a $5 Billion dollar lawsuit against the firm, which seems to be singled out for allegedly misleading investors by giving Triple-A ratings to mortgage-backed securities, which collapsed in 2008. Why S&P is facing fines and not Moodys and Fitch as well could be explained by the fact that the other two played ball with the White House and did not embarrass Barack Obama as being the only president in history to cause a downgrade in our nation′s credit rating.

Then, of course, there is more dirt on Obamacare. We learned this week via documents to justify a $90 Million dollar, ′No-Bid′ contract to Accenture to replace CGI as the operators of the Healthcare.gov website that the entire nation′s health insurance system may crash. Since there is still no ′back-end′ to the Obamacare website, people like Pajama Boy cannot pay for their new insurance policies, nor can the insurance companies get any information about their new customers. The result of this failing is that either health insurance companies will go belly-up, or drop out of the Obamacare plan, or the federal government will be bailing them out to the tune of hundreds of millions, probably billions, of dollars.

Oh well. Just another day in the wacky world of ′The New Normal′ in the Obama Era. With much zeal, the Liberal Media is attacking Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell for political corruption and abuse of power, but largely ignoring the same of the Obama administration. Barely a week after Obama′s NSA speech, an independent study group asserts that the NSA spying program is illegal and that all data obtained should be deleted. But you would hardly know any of this if you get all your news from sources like MSNBC. Mind you, I am not saying that Christie or McDonnell do not deserve to be investigated, just that the time is long overdue for a special prosecutor to start digging into the many, many Obama scandals as well.

So will bombogenisis replace the Polar Vortex? Will this new, major storm near Alaska blow an ill wind on all of us? A new Fox News poll says that 74% believe that America is still in a recession, despite the sunny news from the Barack Obama White House. The stock market is at record highs thanks to the ′liberal′ pumping of cash into the system by the Federal Reserve. Meanwhile, the Labor Participation Rate is the worst since 1977, which means that some 92 Million Americans of job age are not working. Could we see a rapid intensification of an economic disaster this year? How about asking those part-time workers at Targets whom just lost their healthcare insurance? I′m sure they′ll give you an answer.