My hero, Glenn Beck appeared last night with Megyn Kelly on her hit Fox News Channel TV show, The Kelly Files. Megyn interviewed Glenn concerning his open letter to New York Governor Andrew Coumo and his recent remarks about Conservatives not being wanted in the Empire State. Sean Hannity says he may be leaving NY over the governor′s comments and Beck seems to be agreeing that it may be time to move his staff of 200 employees down to Glenn′s studio in Dallas, Texas. Kelly also asked Beck about his old show on the FNC, to which he remarked that he has regrets, believing that he may have played a role in dividing the nation. But, perhaps the bigger story is why Beck was on Megyn Kelly′s show in the first place? For the past three years on FNC, Glenn was nearly the exclusive property of Lord Haw Haw, a.k.a. Bill O′Reilly. True, sometimes Beck would appear on the Fox Business Network on The Don Imus Show, a true treat since Glenn has the wit to dish the I-Man. Many of us already are noticing that Greg Gutfeld seems to be being groomed to replace O′Reilly, changing the ′No Spin Zone′ into the ′Free Unicorn Zone′. Are Big Bill′s days numbered?

glenn beck megyn kelly

I′m not going to waste much time on Gov. Coumo′s remarks, mainly because they are as politically slippery as a dead eel. You can twist and construe his words a number of ways. Was he saying that only ′extremist Republicans′ who are anti-dead-babies, anti-self-defense and anti-gay are not welcome in New York? Or was he saying that if you only believe one of those three criteria then you are an extremist? Who knows? Who cares? We all know he only said such to play to the Far-Left as he contemplates a run for the White House in 2016.

As for Glenn Beck having regrets, thinking that he helped divided the nation, if Beck were a Catholic and I was his Father Confessor, I would absolve him from such a sin. I might thrown in five ′Hail Marys′ and two ′Our Fathers′ just to make him feel better about it, but he really did not do much to divide the nation. It was already divided! Obama and his Progressive pals through history have done most of the dividing. Beck told Kelly that he wishes he had spent more time on uniting the nation with solutions. Fair enough, but, solutions to what? Whether you are a surgeon, an auto mechanic, a software engineer or a plumber, you cannot fix a problem until you identify it. Quite frankly, Glenn Beck has nothing to regret or be ashamed of as he spent time cataloging the problems we face and explaining how we got to where we are.

So cheer up, Glenn Beck! You have no need to have regrets about your time at the Fox News Channel. Nice to see you again, even if it is with Megyn Kelly on The Kelly File. Will Sean Hannity be leaving NY soon? Let′s all hope so. Maybe he can get some space in ′The Great American′ bunker that ′The Great One′, Mark Levin, hides in, fearing those back-benchers, RINOs and CINOs. Think of all the fun they′ll have talking about the Constituu-uu-uu-tion while the rest of the nation goes down the drain while eating their MREs! In the meanwhile, let us enjoy the Jon Stewart video tribute to FNC’s “The Five’ featuring ‘performing artist’, Samantha B…