Russian authorities from Vladimir Putin to Russian security officials are on the hunt for 4 black widows as the Sochi Olympic Winter Games of 2014 are set to begin in two weeks. Perhaps the most dangerous of the black widows is Ruzanna Ibragimova, pictured below, whose husband was a member of a Chechen militant group and had been killed by Russian police. She has vowed to take revenge, possibly as a suicide, or homicide bomber. President Putin is determined to impose a ′Ring of Steel′ around the Sochi games to prevent any terrorist attacks. Many international experts say that this Olympic game may have the highest terrorist threat alert of any other. A recent video released by a Chechen group affiliated with Al Qaeda warns that they have a surprise for Putin and that there are at least four black widows, Muslim women ready to sacrifice themselves, already inside the so-called Ring of Steel.

4 black widows sochi

The heightened terror threat is causing grave concerns for the Olympic Games. Several U.S. senators have publicly stated that not enough is being done to protect our athletes, nor citizens going to Sochi to attend the Winter Olympics. The U.S. Navy has dispatched two warships to the Black Sea to provide support should the need arise to evacuate American citizens. In recent weeks, there have been several terrorist attacks in the Northern Caucasus, killing dozens of people. Could this be a prelude to an even larger attack during the Olympic Games?

The fear of Russian authorities is that the 4 black widows are in Sochi already for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. That despite the best efforts by Vladimir Putin and Russian security officials, a terrorist attack may happen on a ′soft target′, such as public transportation or public mall, within the Ring of Steel of some 40,000 to 100,000 Russian forces gathered. Queen of the Black Widows may be Ruzanna Ibragimova, the 22 year old wife of an Islamic militant killed by Russian police. She has vowed for revenge and many fear that she may make her move sometime during the Olympic Games which begin in two weeks.