Just in time for the Super Pot Bowl XLVIII for 2014 between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos, Barack Obama spoke on marijuana use saying that pot is no more dangerous than alcohol during an interview with New Yorker writer David Remnick. Obama went on to talk about his own use of pot as ′a kid′ and compared it to his smoking tobacco cigarettes. He even suggested that marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol ″in terms of its impact on the individual consumer.″ Keep in mind that Obama also said not long ago that playing football was more dangerous than smoking cigarettes filled with tobacco. Is Obama on his fourth down and looking to punt or to blunt?

obama pot

Yes, its Monday and time to trash Obama again! It really does not matter what we trash him about. Everything that comes from Obama is trash. The guy is a habitual liar, earning another three ′Pinocchio′s′ from the Washington Post after the White House issued new numbers about 6 million people getting Obamacare. No, 6 million people LOST their health care insurance! DUH!

Perhaps a better topic for today, Martin Luther King Day, would have been focusing on the MLK luncheon held last week by the Chicago Teachers Union featuring Obama′s former religious mentor and ersatz Uncle, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Rev. Wright delivered another of his usual fiery speeches saying, ″MLK said I have a dream. Obama said I have a drone.″ Wright blasted Obama for his continuation of militarism throughout the world and for Obama′s Tuesday ′Pick-A Terrorist-To-Kill′ sessions.

Naturally, there is always the economy to complain about since, under Obama, more than 9 million Americans have lost their jobs. Even though the ′official′ U-3 Unemployment Rate is allegedly at 6.7%, the reality is that it is closer to 12%. In 2010, the Summer of Recovery, the average period of being unemployed was about 27 weeks. Today, it is now 37 weeks! The Labor Participation Rate is at its lowest level since 1977 during the bad old days of the Jimmy Carter malaise with double-digit unemployment, interest and inflation rates. The only real reason we are not seeing such double digit numbers now is due to the Obama administration fudging the numbers with Voodoo math.

So do you really care what Barack Obama says about marijuana? Is Obama saying pot is no more dangerous than alcohol important to you? How about the upcoming Super Pot Bowl XLVIII? Will the 2014 NFL championship game prove that states which have legalized pot use are best? Or is Obama right that football is more dangerous than cigarettes? Perhaps you will celebrate Martin Luther King Day 2014 by firing up your Obama Bong? Let′s hope so, because after 5 years of Obama, we all need something to sedate our outrage with.