A new, bipartisan report from the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee claims that the 2012 Benghazi attacks on our consulate was preventable. The other two major findings of the report are that at least four Al Qaeda affiliated groups were involved in the attack and that the Obama administration has yet to bring any of the terrorists to justice. Perhaps equally important is, yet again, we are given a time-line which proves that the White House, Barack Obama and his incompetent officials, namely Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice, all lied to the American people about the attack being blamed on some stupid You-Tube video. Meanwhile, Fox News reporter, James Rosen, who was being spied upon by the Justice Department, has revealed new, declassified documents from the House closed-door hearings on Benghazi. The gist of which is that the White House statement from September 10, 2012 about precautions for the 11th anniversary of the 2001 terror attacks was a lie. Few, if any, military forces were deployed to respond to any attacks.

benghazi attacks preventable

These latest Benghazi-Gate bombshells all add up to demonstrate the overall incompetence of the Obama administration. The Senate report, while putting much blame on the State Department, fails to mention Hillary Clinton except once in the addendum by Republicans. Both the Senate report and new documents from the House hearings show that Barack Obama, as well as Hillary Clinton, were largely absent from decision making process while the attack was underway. While Leon Panetta, the then Secretary of Defense, did notify Obama directly during the attack, the nation′s Commander-in-Chief did little to nothing during the event.

That the attack was preventable is the main issue that many in the Media are pointing to. For some six months before the attack, there were plenty of warning signs reported by the Intelligence community, as well as by State Department officials on the ground in Libya, that the situation in Benghazi was becoming more dangerous. A proposal to deploy a battalion of U.S. Marines to our embassy in Tripoli to beef-up security one month before the attack was rejected by the State Department. While nothing was done to improve security of our consulate in Benghazi, the CIA did take some measures to enhance security at their facility there.

The Senate report also completely trashes the assertions published in a recent New York Times article which determined that Al Qaeda had no involvement. That there is sufficient evidence to show that at least four groups known to be affiliated with Al Qaeda were part of the attack. Also, that there was no indication that the attack had anything to do with an anti-Muslim video posted on You-Tube, other than a single sentence in a CIA report submitted after the event. Yet, the Obama White House went on to blame the video for about three weeks.

So, while the Senate reports conclude that the Benghazi attacks were preventable, there are still many questions needed to be answered. The Senate Intelligence Committee squarely puts much of the lame upon the State Department. The report adds that both the State Department and the White House have been less than forthcoming in providing documents and allowing for testimony by key officials. The death of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three American security officers continues to be a true scandal. The report also dismisses the New York Times article that claimed Al Qaeda was not involved.