Is this a case of life imitating art? Homeland Security investigations have discovered some real criminals making Breaking Bad inspired Blue Meth in New Mexico. Blue-tinted crystal methamphetamine blue has been turning up in the Four Corners region of the state, including the city of Alberquerque, home of the infamous Walter White, a.k.a. Heisenberg. While the crystal meth is only tinted blue and not matching the purity of that by the fictional characters of the hit AMC TV series, the product is becoming more widely seen. Since 2010, there have been several other cases of blue meth crystals turning up on the streets of major cities across North America. But this latest surge of blue meth in NM is causing more concerns as the chemicals used to tint the crystals is making users sick.

blue meth in new mexico
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DHS spokesman Kevin Abar warns potential users that the new crystal blue meth is dangerous due to the tinting. KOB-TV reports that Abar claims that the tinting is primarily a way for its makers to market and distribute the illegal drug. Obviously an attempt to cash in on the success of the popular AMC TV series, Breaking Bad, which ended last year. The story may have become news this week after the series won several honors at the Golden Globe Awards this weekend.

So if you come across any crystal blue meth in New Mexico around Alberquerque and the Four Corners region, don′t be taken in. The new blue meth in NM may look like the same product from the AMC TV series Breaking Bad but its just a cheap knock off. Federal agents from Homeland Security investigations say that the blue tinted methamphetamine is actually more dangerous and is making users sick. Sounds to me like if you get sick from this cheap imitation of Break Bad blue meth, you better call Saul and lawyer up!