Is the Obama marriage on the rocks? Barack Obama left Hawaii with his two daughters, leaving First Lady Michelle Obama for an extended vacation. The excuse was that this was a birthday present from Barack to Michelle, who turns 50 this week. As with everything else from the mouth of Barack Obama, this is a lie, as he is not paying one dime for this ′present′. We, the taxpayers are, along with Oprah Winfrey. Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett are staying with Oprah and Gayle King. While the international press is all hopped up on the separate vacations, the National Enquirer reports that an ″Oval Office Insider″ claims that the First Couple are sleeping in separate bedrooms ever since the Obama-selfie incident at the Nelson Mandela funeral ceremony. That Michelle Obama was very upset over her husband flirting with Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. So is the Obama marriage in trouble? Will we soon begin hearing about flying ashtrays as we did back in the Clinton White House?

obama marriage problems

Yes, this is an ′Open Thread′ article. There are many interesting stories to mull over. More bad numbers on the economy and Obamacare enrollment. New documents about the Benghazi attack which point to the Obama administration taking no real precautions. Of course, we also have Bridge-Gate and now a federal probe into post-Hurricane Sandy ads featuring Chris Christie and his family as an abuse of taxpayer dollars. But I have chosen to write about the Obama marriage having problems. Sort of a ′two-for′, where I can kick both of them around.

In terms of a ′political marriage′, the Obamas are even worse than the Clintons. I can see that perhaps very early on, Bill and Hillary may have loved, or were at least attracted to each other. I don′t see that with the Obamas. For starters, we have the long-time rumors about Barack Obama′s true sexual orientation. The same is perhaps true for Michelle, as she and the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrrett go way back. Pretty much every job Michelle has had since graduating from college has been due to Jarrett. Valerie was also behind pushing Barack into politics.

Obviously, especially in trying to court votes in the Black community, you better be heterosexual, even today. So that the Obama got married and forced themselves to have a couple of children is no surprise. But we know from old school chums of Barack that he was never much of a ′ladies man′. One girl in high school who had a crush on him was subjected to a violent rejection by Barack as he knocked her down to the ground in front of his peers. Not exactly a good sign for future husband material.

So I have no difficulty believing the current rumors about the Obama marriage problems. I would say that the Obama marriage has been on the rocks for a long time. There is a story about how Michelle was going to divorce him after Barack lost his first campaign to win a seat in the Illinois State Assembly. The latest news about the separate Obama vacations in Hawaii are nothing new, either, since Michelle Obama has been on other vacations alone without her husband. That she is more mad at him after the Obama selfie incident leads me to think that the new rumors about them sleeping in separate bedrooms is probably true.