Is there a war brewing in Conservative talk radio? Or has the battle already been lost? Sean ′Hey Abbot′ Hannity′s ′Great American′ pal, ′The Great One′, Mark Levin is very upset about his buddy losing his slot on the Cumulus Radio Network to Dr. Michael Savage, host of The Savage Nation. Dr. Savage has taken his radio show about borders, language and culture to drive time, sending Hannity, a.k.a. The Wallbanger, a.k.a. Banger, to secondary, minor radio stations. With powerful blowtorches like WJR, WABC and others, Doc Savage now follows Rush Limbaugh in the competitive market of Conservative talk radio as of January 2. But Mark Levin is not happy as he opened his own evening radio show Friday night complaining about Savage talking about vitamins and Glu-uu-ten. Savage has, in the past, been critical of Levin and his rantings about the Constitu-uu-uu-tion. Who will win this battle over ideology? Or has the fight already been decided with Savage clearly on top of the heap?

mark levin michael savage

Perhaps Glenn Beck, whose radio show is third in ratings after Limbaugh and Savage, put it best this week when he told his audience that if all you want is to hear good things about the GOP, you better change the channel. The fight for ideology on talk radio does stem from the same battle being waged within the Republican Party. The GOP Establishment is based on compromise and a lukewarm version of Progressive, Big Government ideals. In the other corner of the boxing ring, we have the Upstarts, the Wacko-Birds, those who either follow or are inspired by the Tea Party. They have a more Libertarian bend to their ideology.

The main difference between Savage, Beck and even Limbaugh, with guys like Hannity and Levin, is that while all focus on politics as their bread and butter, the Big Three are diverse enough as radio talents to also talk about other things. How many times must we endure listening to Limbaugh go on about some football game or his latest purchase from Apple? Meanwhile, all Hannity and Levin do everyday is club Barack Obama and his agenda like a baby seal. How many times do we really need to hear about how bad Obamacare is? Sure, Josef Goebbels would argue that you have to spew propaganda constantly until the last idiot is convinced. But talk radio audiences are not idiots. At least, not most of them, anyway.

As a student of history, myself, I realize that politics is a daily enterprise. I also understand that the norm for human civilization is tyranny. We have been an exception for the most part. The eternal struggle for liberty usually ends with the boot heel of The Elites stomping on the rest of the population. But, as a student of history, I also know that what Mel Brooks said, ″Its good to be the king.″, is incorrect. Being king usually means that everybody wants to kill you. There′s a dagger behind every curtain and poison in every goblet. One of my favorite historical periods is the English War of the Roses as it demonstrates just how bloody the in-fighting among The Elites can be.

So the question comes down to just how much politics the Average Joe or Jane can absorb on a regular basis? Yes, freedom and liberty are important. We′ve been losing it on a steady basis for the past century. I′m sure that over the next hundred years, we may lose even more of it. However, our temperament as a people does run in cycles. Its an on-going process. Surely we can take one day off from politics to think about how silly the whole gluten-free movement is since wheat, The Staff of Life, is essentially the reason why we have a civilization in the first place. Perhaps there is a connection there which those obsessed with Obama being ‘baa-aa-ad’ are failing to miss?

Congratulations to Dr. Michael Savage on his victory and winning a coveted drive-time slot for his talk radio show, The Savage Nation. Who cares if ′The Great One′, Mark Levin is unhappy? He strikes me as somebody who was born unhappy. Just look at him! Good grief! Who would you rather have lunch with at an Indian restaurant? Levin or Savage? Perhaps one day Levin will figure out that the Constitu-uu-uu-tion is either the cause of our diminishing liberty, or at least was not written well enough to prevent its loss. Meanwhile, I′m going to have a big bowl of pasta, loaded with gluten. Maybe some meatballs, too!