Last night the History Channel H2 aired an all new episode of America Unearthed entitled Secret Blueprint of America. Yes, forensic geologist Scott Wolter travels to Washington DC to meet with his buddy, Alan Butler, author of ′The City of the Goddess′. Butler has been investigating the sacred geometry, or geomancy, that appears to be infused in the design of our nation′s capitol. Many others before him have pointed to the influence of Freemasonry, particularly by the city′s first architect, Pierre L′Enfant. Butler has discovered the use of an ancient form of measurement, the Megalithic Yard, in the layout of Washington, DC. There are many signs of distances of 366 Megalithic Yards between important landmarks and street intersections. The Megalithic Yard, as well as a 366-day calendar were often used by ancient goddess worship societies, including by those who built Stonehenge. Is there a connection between Stonehenge and Washington, DC?

america unearthed sercet blueprint of america

Butler shows Wolter on a map many of the fundamental geometric shapes pointing towards goddess worship. Chevrons, triangles, ellipses and pentagrams are among those easily detailed. Perhaps more importantly is how the city is diamond shaped, changed from a square by George Washington himself. Historians believe that Washington did this change to include some property he owned in Alexandria, VA. But what if Washington, a Freemason, had other ideas? Butler further demonstrates how the Megalithic Yard, about 2.7 feet, is still with us today. At a local pub, Butler shows Scott a cube which is one-tenth the size of a cubic Megalithic Yard. Believe it or not, this small cube holds precisely one pint of fluid, in this case beer.

Wolter travels next to the city′s outskirts and meets with historian Fergus Bordewich as they check out one of the original 40 stone boundary markers for Washington DC. Only 36 still exist today from 1791 and Scott examines one as best as he can given that these stones are fenced off. Fergus tells him that some 30 cities competed for the honor of becoming the capitol of America. The choice of creating a new city from land belonging to both Virginia and Maryland was a compromise. He also tells Wolter that while George Washington had much respect for Pierre L′Efant, the architect was insufferable and taxed Washington′s patience to the point where George fired him. When Scott asks Fergus about the influence of Freemasonry and sacred geometry, the historian dismisses the whole idea of the Founding Fathers being goddess worshipers.

Wolter rejoins Butler at the Washington Monument where they take a series of measurements. Butler believes that the Ellipses are signs of Vesica Disci, overlapping ovals that represent the vagina, as well as the union of Heaven and Earth. Once again, they find evidence of the use of the Megalithic Yard in the layout of the monument. Butler and Wolter discuss how the very name, District of Columbia, has nothing to do with Christopher Columbus, as many historians would have us believe, but with the goddess Columbia. The goddess of freedom and liberty.

Scott decides he needs to talk with a real Freemason, so he heads over to the Scottish Rite Temple in DC and meets with former Grand Master, Akram Elias. He confirms to Wolter that many of the symbols within the city are connected to Freemasonry. However, he denies that there was any secret conspiracy, rather that the architects involved just simply based their work on accepted principles of their craft. When Scott brings up the Megalithic Yard, Akram confirms that much of Freemasonry symbolism is based on the female aspect of dualism as the female represents liberty.

Aftre this meeting, Scott gets a frantic call from Butler who has discovered a connection between the Pentagon and Stonehenge. Wolter is intrigued as he was part of the government′s official investigation after 9/11 in assessing the damage to the building following the terrorist attack in 2001. Butler tells Scott that the Pentagon is based on the design of Stonehenge. The center mall is nearly a perfect recreation and the overall building is based on a circle five times larger than the same of Stonehenge. He also shows Wolter on a map that connecting the Pentagon to the Ellipse and the Capitol Building forms a triangle with a base that is 366 Megalithic Yards times 33, a sacred number for Freemasons. Add to this that FDR, a Freemason himself, changed the location of the Pentagon at the last minute to its present site.

So the conclusion of this week′s episode of America Unearthed, Secret Blueprint of America is that Washington DC may very well be ′The City of the Goddess′ as written about by Alan Butler. The History Channel H2 forensic geologist, Scott Wolter, has seen enough of the sacred geometry and the use of the Megalithic Yard to point that there was an influence of 3,000 years of goddess worship behind the design of the nation′s capitol. That there may even be a connection between Freemasonry and Stonehenge. Who can say? I′ll never tell!