Last night was the premier of the new show on Spike TV, $10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty, hosted by Dean Cain. Yes! Superman is back searching for the elusive Sasquatch! His fellow judges, New York University DNA-expert Dr. Todd Disotell and primatologist Natalia Reagan help Cain judge the performances of nine teams of Bigfoot hunters. In each episode, the worst two-person team is booted out of the game. The action takes place in the Pacific Northwest from Washington State and Oregon through Northern California, an area where most Sasquatch sightings have been recorded. In the end, any team that provides concrete, verifiable DNA and photographic evidence that Bigfoot is real will win the $10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty!

bigfoot bounty
Former Superman, Dean Cain, hosts the new show on Spike TV, $10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty. Image Credit: Spike TV.

The teams competing are a mix of folks who have various outdoors and hunting experience. Some claim to have seen a Bigfoot, including one fellow, Justin, who says he has killed two young Sasquatches. While offering no photographs of his ′kills′, Justin has passed every lie detector test given to him and did submit hair, blood and tissue samples. The DNA tests on those samples point to the creatures killed as being ′feral humans′.

As for the judges, Cain is a historian by education who is skeptical but open-minded, as he understands that some 15,000 new animal species are discovered every year. Dr. Disotell has actually been involved in the DNA identification of four recently discovered, new species of primates. Dr. Reagan has done work in the field with primates and provides the series with some much needed eye-candy.

The teams are first tested in doing some actual science. The first ′Field Test′ involved using a biopsy rifle at a big-game reserve. The dart fired by the gun will extract hair and blood samples before bouncing off the animal for retrieval. The first team to return to the base camp with their sample, in this episode it was Julie and Matthew, win an advantage in the next Bigfoot Hunt challenge.

This takes place at a location in southern Washington State called the Big Lava Bed. Julie and Matthew get a two-hour head start in a hunt that will last through the night. Dax ad Rictor get excited when they happen across possible footprints which they make a plaster cast of. Justin and Ro come across a cave they suspect may be a Sasquatch dwelling, finding signs of eaten pine cone nuts. Other teams find scat, animal droppings, which, if nothing else, proves that the area is capable of supporting a colony of Sasquatches.

The evidence gathered is reviewed by the judges. Dan and Dave found some hair samples which turned out to be nothing more than moss. Kristen and Shane brought back a bone with tooth marks which were most likely made by rodents. None of the scat samples proved much of anything. Two teams thought they had heard a Bigfoot during the night but had no proof. Travis and January came back empty handed from their night′s hunt.

In the end of the first episode of the new Spike TV show, $10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty, Travis and January were booted from the competition. After the judges, Dean Cain, Todd Disotell and Natalia Reagan, evaluated the evidence gathered, Travis and January′s team showed they had nothing to offer in any future Bigfoot bounty hunts. Some the search for Sasquatch in the Pacific Northwest continues. Will any of the teams find photographic and DNA proof that Bigfoot exists? Tune in next Friday night to find out!