Barack Obama names 5 Promise Zones as part of his own ′War on Poverty′ game plan, but for some odd reason, the White House left Detroit off the list. The Motor City has some of the highest unemployment numbers in the country and recently became the nation′s largest city to declare bankruptcy. Senator Rand Paul is leading the way to make Detroit viable with tax cuts and exemptions of many federal regulations. Five years ago, the Obama administration was committed to making Detroit a test-bed for its economic recovery program. But, instead of improvement, the numbers have steadily declined.

obama names promise zones

Obama explains that his Promise Zone scheme will provide tax breaks, education reforms and offer incentives to companies to hire the unemployed. The five Promise Zones mentioned this week are Philadelphia, San Antonio, Los Angeles, Southeastern Kentucky and the Choctaw Nation within Oklahoma. Plans in the future could include 20 other regions. The whole scheme is part of Obama′s new emphasis on income inequality, which he hopes will aid Democrats in the mid-term elections this November. But if the Promise Zones become anything like the first Stimulus Bill of 2009, or Obamacare, this new phase in the War on Poverty will be as hollow as the promise that under Obamacare, if you like your plan you can keep it.

What it all boils down to is more Big Government and more benefits to a select few Big Corporations whom are in bed with Obama. Real plans to help create jobs and spur the economy, like the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, are left twisting in the wind as such a pipeline would be harmful to Obama supporters like Warren Buffet, whose railroads currently transport shale oil from Canada to refineries in Louisiana and Texas. Like any true, Banana Republic, Obama will only do what will benefit his own, personal power base.

So as Barack Obama names five Promise Zones yesterday, one has to ask why a bankrupt city like Detroit was left off the list? Would it not make sense to use it as a test bed for this new War on Poverty? Does Rand Paul care more about those suffering from chronic unemployment and poverty in Detroit than the White House and the Obama administration? Perhaps the truth is that the Promise Zone scheme is no promise at all, except to funnel money to Obama′s friends?