National Geographic aired two new episodes of Doomsday Preppers last night. First, in the episode ′Nobody Will Be Ready′, we meet two gents named David in Tennessee, both of whom are getting ready for a massive earthquake along the New Madrid Fault. David Mays is building a fleet of drones to help him survive while David Nash builds a 14-ton geodesic shelter out of concrete. In the second episode, ′Americans, Not Ameri-cants′, we are introduced to two groups of perppers. One in Texas, calling themselves ′The Lifeboat′, are prepping for a Level 3 cyber-attack, taking down utility grids and telecommunications. Meanwhile, in Georgia, a group of firemen, calling themselves ′The 33′, are gearing up for defending their homes against a possibly foreign invasion, namely the Russians.

doomsday preppers nobody will be ready
David Mays shows on Doomsday Preppers how he′ll use drones to survive a massive earthquake along the New Madrid Fault line. Image Credit: National Geographic.

So let us begin with David Mays in Jackson, Tennessee. As a pilot, he enjoys his bird′s eye view of the countryside. So, naturally, if there is a massive earthquake along the New Madrid Fault line, Mays will use drones, mostly radio controlled aircraft with TV cameras and transmitters, to survey damage and monitor the situation. With his family of five, they raise chickens, grow vegetables using an aeroponics gardening system in addition to stocking up on food and guns. Mays is very concerned that liquefaction from an earthquake will not only destroy thousands of homes and buildings, but also damage roadways and bridges. So he′ll use drones to survey a safe route to his bug-out location. If trapped at home, however, he′ll use his army of drones to protect his home, as well as deliver small packages of medical supplies to those in need.

About 100 miles east in Dickson, TN, we have David Nash, a do-it-yourself prepper. He′s always up to something, like building a steam engine out of a weed wacker and a pressure cooker to generate electricity. His latest prep for surviving a massive, New Madrid earthquake is a 14-ton, concrete geodesic shelter, capable of withstanding a powerful seismic shock. That is, if he doesn′t screw up mixing his concrete! Fortunately, his Daddy is helping him and gets the mixture correct.

Over in Texas, a group of 28 people with varying skill sets have banded together forming ′The Lifeboat′. They intend to survive a Level 3 cyber-attack, where a ′wiper′ hack takes down the nation′s electrical and utility grids, as well as all telecommunications. They are led by Joe, a volunteer in MARS, the Military Auxiliary Radio System. Their objective is not only to survive a disaster but play a role in rebuilding civilization. Along with their ′off-the-grid′ HF radio station, they are also stockpiling school books for teaching post-apocalypse children. Each member is required to stockpile 2 years of food not only for themselves, but also for one extra child as many will become orphaned refugees. To protect their members, their latest prep includes a gyrocopter, also known as an autogyro, as it is an easy aircraft to fly and maintain.

Over in Georgia, a group of firemen are training for war against Russian invaders. Calling themselves ′The 33′ after the code for a house fire, the team is led by Mark, who practices resisting interrogation by letting his pals waterboard him. They build a Trojan Horse made from an old propane tank mounted on a trailer to serve as a mobile assault base to operate behind enemy lines. In the event that the Russians discover them, they′ll use homemade smoke bombs to escape. These guys are too much!

Thus ends two new episodes of Doomsday Preppers on the National Geographic Channel. ′Nobody Will Be Ready′ and ′Americans, Not Ameri-cants′ may be the last two episodes of Season 3 of Doomsday Preppers on NatGeo TV. Next week a new series begins called ′Building Wild′ about some hicks in the sticks making things out of trash