In the new Robert Gates book, ′Duty′, the former Secretary of Defense slams Barack Obama and Joe Biden as being ineffectual leaders. The Gates memoir says Obama lost faith in his own Afghan war policy, believing that the surge of U.S. troops in Afghanistan would fail. Gates says of Joe Biden that he was on the wrong side of every national security and foreign policy issue. He even throws Hillary Clinton under the bus, revealing how both she and Obama admitted that their stance against the Iraq troop surge was purely political. The bottom line in all of this is that Obama has no stomach for winning any war, including the War on Poverty, which marks its 50th anniversary today.

gates memior obama faith

Initially, I was going to write about the War on Poverty today, especially after the ridiculous speech Obama gave yesterday saying that unemployment checks create jobs. How another of his fantasy girlfriends, Kathy, might actually get a job if she frequents a store with her food stamps and long-term unemployment benefits because the store manager will become her friend. This is just utter lunacy!

That Robert Gates is now telling all in his memoirs is no surprise. His description of the chaotic Obama administration, of a micro-managing White House that only takes credit for the few positive results they happen into, is spot on. Those of us who recognized from the beginning that Obama is an empty suit, a man with less moral backbone than an earthworm, are vindicated. Gates also provides details for another well-known aspect of the Obama administration, their general contempt for the U.S. military. This includes Obama′s chief adviser, the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett. Even Hillary Clinton comes off as a rude, whiny upstart who has no problem trashing military leaders like David Petreaus.

So if you still need convincing that Barack Obama is a dope, an empty suit with no spine, then by all means read the new Robert Gates book, ′Duty′. Robert Gates memoir slams Barack Obama on his loss of faith on issues such as the Afghan war policy. So, too, is how Bob Gates says Joe Biden was wrong about every issue. As well as how both Obama and Hillary Clinton only opposed the Iraq troop surge for political reasons. Obama cares not for winning the war in Afghanistan. He only cares about winning elections.