Some of my friends have been asking me why I keep beating my head against the wall; why I refuse to see the die as already having been cast as they do? This week may be the point where I concede their point.

If there was ever a time when America needed real leadership it’s now, and we don’t have any. Rarely, in my lifetime have I seen a political party self-destruct to the level the Democrats have and not pay dearly for it. But then again, I’ve also never seen a more impotent opposing party than the current Republican establishment. Despite having to go all the way back to Jimmy Carter to find incompetence and political destructiveness on this level from Democrats, my party seemingly has neither the brains nor the courage to effectively make a case against them, much less win in the arena of ideas.

It is more than a little disheartening to witnessing the levels to which America has fallen under this administration. All the more while also suffering through the amateurish opposition put forth by our side of the isle. One could perhaps maintain a stiff upper lip in the face of darkness if there were even the faintest promise of the cavalry coming over the hill to save the day, but I don’t see it. Our party is as spineless as the democrats are socialistic.

Lord knows there is more than enough cause for depression over our domestic condition, but nowhere is our national failure more evident than in our foreign policy. We are the lone superpower on this planet and we are acting like anything but. Not since WWII have we fought a war the way war was meant to be fought. First, you avoid war if at all possible, but where war is both inevitable and necessary, you go all out to win. We haven’t fought a war to decisive victory since Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. Even the Gulf wars, which were as close to victories as we’ve had in a while were ill-conceived and poorly executed in terms of resolving the problems they were supposed to alleviate. Now our weakness has all but assured a nuclear Iran.

I can only imagine what it must be like to be the parent of a fallen US soldier and read of the fall of Fallujah and the deterioration in Afghanistan. Our war on terror is being fought much like our war on drugs and poverty…which is to say, with lip service and a healthy measure of political correctness. To think that we’ve spent what we have in national treasure just to watch both disintegrate before our very eyes is as despicable as it is immoral. Unfortunately, our rudderless leadership in both those theaters shares party lines and confirms that we have not known real leadership for decades.

Over the long holiday period I tried to sort all this out. I could not help but ponder how it was that we as Americans have come to accept and so blindly follow ill-fated leadership and policy. Forgetting our current leadership for a moment, I started wondering what it says about us as a people that we mindlessly assign this level of confidence to their infallibility? Then I found the answer. I saw it in a documentary about the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler last weekend. I came to see all this as history repeating itself.

Like the German population in the late 1930’s, we are following a charismatic, but evil leader. Like the German population at the time, America is turning a deaf ear to the obvious to willingly travel a very dangerous path. Like the German population we hear things from our leaders and either assume they know best or cower under the increasing pressure not to question their motives. Far too many simply assume they are smarter, better informed and better positioned to see the “big picture” and sheepishly follow along. This is particularly true when their words promise things we seemingly cannot provide for ourselves and convincingly come at no expense. Presumable, that is precisely what the German people thought too. Consequently, they put their full faith and confidence in the government and look where it got them.

Even in the late 30’s the signs were all there. Hitler was assumed to speak for the common man, his policies were supposed to elevate the down trodden. At first he put the middle class within whispering range of power with groups such as the “SA”. However when the elite saw Hitler’s meteoric rise to power and got nervous, they demanded a change in trajectory and got it. In literally three days the SA was forcibly purged, hundreds were murdered and the SA was replaced by Hitler’s infamous “SS”. Shortly after that an entire series of inhuman and unthinkable crimes were committed, all in the name of the master race and the illusion of a potential thousand years Reich. Hitler promised to remake Germany, and he did.

Sound familiar?

Again, it’s not like the signs weren’t there in 1939, nor are they substantially hidden today. The German people swallowed Hitler’s charismatic presentations whole and similarly, so has America with Obama. After seeing this documentary I could not help but wonder of both of Germany and America, “What were these people thinking?” When Hitler took over the German healthcare system, people welcomed the change. When Hitler demanded gun registration they signed away their rights. When Hitler started rounding up Jews they happily pointed them out. When Hitler arranged for kindergartners to attend his “state” education programs, they freely handed over their children. When Hitler turned teenagers into his secret military via media propaganda and training no one blinked. When Hitler told the populous that Aryans were superior and made having sex with inferior breeds a punishable offense everyone was willing to comply.

So what is different now? Like Hitler, Obama had no experience whatsoever. Like Hitler, Obama has clearly deceived and mislead us about nearly his entire administrative agenda. Can we so easily forget that he lied to us about where billions of dollars were going with his spendulous package? Can we forget how he lied about keeping our coverage, keeping our doctor, lowering our healthcare costs? Can we forget his promise to respect long standing religious beliefs regarding abortion and contraception? Can we not see his Hitler like calls for gun registration? Are we still willing to accept laws that are not read before being passed? Are we now comfortable with laws being written to certain specifications only to have them modified at will by an unchecked presidential edict? Are we to accept the new norm that nearly one third of the country is to be permanently unemployed? Are we blind enough to assume that if Obama wants to monitor our phone calls, e-mails and personal movement via electronic surveillance, drones and ever present security cameras he will never use such surveillance against us?

Tell me now, what are the differences? How are we any less gullible? How is the blind faith we have placed in our current government any different than that which the German people placed in theirs? Are we so intellectually stunted as to be telling ourselves our government is different, our government would never abuse these things?

While you ponder the infallibility of big government and its lofty office holders consider this:
One of Hitler’s closest aids was Heinrich Himmler. Once a devote Catholic Himmler went on to adopt Buddhism and an obsession with the occult. He went on to be the prime force behind Hitler’s efforts to annihilate millions of Jews while pursuing powers of the occult as a means for securing the viability of the Reich. That included but was not limited to assigning large numbers of German U-boats to patrol routes determined by the divine positioning of a metallic pendulum over a map of the Atlantic. No one saw him as the lunatic he was; no one thought someone like him could hold high office much less shape the fate of a nation.

This, Hitler and Himmler, is the kind of leadership the entire German population entrusted it’s very existence to. These men, evil and sadistic as they were led an entire country to ruin in just twelve short years. By the time the people woke up it was too late. Hitler and Himmler and the rest of the “infallible” leadership cost the German people everything they had for the next forty years.

Maybe it’s too late for a second look at our leadership, maybe it’s not. Are we willing to bet everything that our leadership is infallible and blindly follow them off the cliff?

I don’t know. Do you?