First it was Polar Vortex. Now, a new term from Canada, Frost Quake has emerged during the 2014 Year of Ice. Yes, frost quakes are being reported in Canada. In Toronto, some believe that these loud booms being heard are connected to Mayor Rob Ford. Perhaps his crack pipe is overloaded? But scientists say that frost quakes are cryoseism events where the ground is cracked by a rapid decline in temperature. Ground water freezes and expands, causing the earth to split and fissure. But the most noticeable result in frost quakes and polar vortexes is the demise of the global warming hoax. This has caused sales of Al Gore′s books to plummet so fast that his books are now sold on the dollar tables of fine bookstores.

canada frost quake

When I first heard the term frost quake, I thought it was a new breakfast cereal from Canada. Sugar-coated wheat or corn bits shaped like beaver tails or such. Perhaps with a collectable, mini-hockey puck with your favorite NHL team logo in every box? But, no, a frost quake is just another weather related phenomenon which proves that the Earth is not heating up as global warming proponents would have you believe.

Bad enough that a scientific expedition to Antarctica to measure the lack of ice became stuck in ice, along with ice breaker ships trying to rescue the foolish scientists. NASA satellite images show that Antarctic sea ice has actually expanded by some 500,000 square miles in the past two years. While some will argue that sea ice and land ice are different, the reality is, of course, is that if ice is expanding off shore, then it is probably increasing on land, too. Keep in mind, also, that this is the summer season at the South Pole right now!

So have you heard a Canada frost quake yet? Is the Polar Vortex of 2014 making you shiver? Would you spend even one thin dollar for a copy of Al Gore′s book about global warming after seeing a boat load of scientists get trapped in ice they thought had vanished? Or will our misguided friends in the Liberal world still try and sell us on the global warming hoax so they can tax all carbon emissions to pay for giving illegal immigrants free healthcare, food stamps, cell phones, education and housing?