The National Weather Service is calling it Polar Vortex 2014. In the old days, before Obama, we called it an Alberta Clipper. A blast of frigid, cold air is streaming down from the North Pole through the Great Lakes, plunging America into record-breaker low temperatures not seen since Jimmy Carter was president. Yet, while the United States experiences the worst weather in decades, Barack Hussein Obama returns to Washington with his two daughters, leaving First Lady Michelle Obama in sunny, warm Hawaii. The First Family is already the biggest users of fossil fuels as it is, but is this new twist just adding speculation that Global Warming sure is not happening in the Obama marriage? Is Michelle′s cold shoulder after her husband′s selfie at the Mandela funeral the real reason behind the Earth plunging into a new Ice Age?

polar vortex

The Obama administration has already given us the worst economy and unemployment numbers since the Jimmy Carter years, so why not the worst weather, too? Has all of the money wasted on Global Warming prevention by Obama actually made matters worse for our climate? There seems to be little doubt that Obama may be the real cause behind the new threat of an Ice Age due to Polar Vortex 2014.

But, then again, it is not like there have not been cold winters before. Before Progressive Liberals began their campaign to feminize the nation into a metro-sexual culture of gender ambiguity, we often had long, hot summers and frigid winters. In 1965, for example, when Democrats controlled the White House, Senate and House of Representatives, America suffered from one of the worst blizzards in the past 100 years. Known as the Easter Blizzard, nearly 3 feet of snow fell across the Great Lakes region in mid-April.

So the bottom-line of Polar Vortex 2014 is that thanks to Barack Obama and Liberals, the United States will become a frozen wasteland, or so says our misguided friends in the National Weather Service. Record cold temperatures will be impacting much of the nation this week, just as Obama returns from his Hawaiian vacation with his two daughters. Meanwhile, First Lady Michelle Obama will stay in Hawaii and burn more fossil fuels, and taxpayers dollars. How many trees will need to be planted for a carbon offset to her anger over the Barack Obama selfie at the Mandela funeral? Heck, given how she is a generally angry woman even on a good day, one might need to plant millions of acres of trees for a carbon offset to cover Michelle Obama.