Why do we call those in the news Media dopes? Perhaps it is because of the latest news about legal marijuana pricing in Colorado causing sticker shock to some. If you believe the ′journ-o-lists′ of the Lame Street Media, the price of $400 per ounce of marijuana being sold legally in Colorado as of Wednesday is four times higher than before. Before what? Prohibition? The Doobie Brothers? If these fools in the news media actually knew what they were talking about, then they would know that this is the normal price for marijuana these days. This is not the 1970s when you could buy a ′lid′ for $10! The $400 per ounce price tag is nothing new, especially when it comes to high-grade weed that had been selling already at medical marijuana outlets.

legal marijuana pricing

I am not surprised that the so-called journalists are making such a big deal out of the story of legal marijuana pricing. Most of them probably use cocaine or some prescription drugs, so their knowledge of marijuana prices is limited to what they heard on an old Cheech and Chong comedy album from the early 1970s. Aside from that, most modern, current day recreational pot smokers tend to buy small quantities, such as an eighth of an ounce, which generally sells for $45 to $60 depending on the quality. Even those frequent marijuana smokers probably only go through a quarter-ounce bag of weed per month if they smoke on a daily basis.

So, as usual, just ignore the journalists of the news media when they talk about sticker shock of the legal marijuana pricing in Colorado. The price of $400 per ounce is nothing new and, in fact, is a bit of a discount given that many ′brands′ of medical marijuana being sold is much higher in cost. Some strains of pot with higher levels of THC sell for $60 to $75 for just an eighth of an ounce. Once again, the news media has it all wrong, just as they did when they promoted Barack Obama to be president.