2014 begins with the latest UFO sightings and crop circles in California. A rather large and elaborate crop circle was discovered in a barley field at a farm in Chualar near Salinas, California this past Monday. But before attention became an issue, the owner of the farm plowed over it. Meanwhile, a large number of UFO sightings were reported throughout the Golden State, from Los Angeles to Stockton, Sacramento and Auburn. Many saw an egg-shaped object over the skies on New Years Eve. In Stockton, one eyewitness, Kaye Pinlac, told the local ABC News station that she saw ″…six bright orange colored lights. They were almost like in a diamond or triangle shape.″ Could there be a connection between the UFOs and the crop circles? Many people say yes!

crop circles in california

Originally, I was going to comment on the big debut of Dr. Michael Savage taking his radio show, ″The Savage Nation″, to daytime radio. Savage is a well known author and talk radio host who has been surging the past year in the ratings despite being on late at night. Replacing ′conservative′ talk guru Sean Hannity on many radio stations, Savage now follows Rush Limbaugh. The good doctor spent most of his first daylight broadcast on the current sad state of political affairs. He basically spent three hours chiding Barack Hussein Obama for being treasonous on the subjects of borders, language and culture. But when a good UFO sighting or crop circle story pops up, even I have to take the bait!

The one thing in common between the latest UFO sightings and crop circles in California compared with out present political situation is that we can talk about it but there is not very much we can do about it in any immediate sense. Likewise they are equally enigmatic events. As we know from Obamacare, we have to pass the bill first before people realize how bad it is. Who know what messages are being sent by these UFO sightings and crop circles? Is the joke on us or are we the jokers?