Consider yourself warned. I was fully prepared to post perhaps my most politically aggressive entry to date this morning. I had been assembling it over the course of the entire holiday break. But then a couple of other things popped up on my radar that were more noteworthy and deserved your attention far more. Therefore I have quickly assembled them along with some introductory commentary so that I may pass them on for your consideration. I will most likely pass on my holiday work as well at some point, but these two gems seemed to rise to a higher priority. Besides, I consider my holiday work and these to be linked anyway, so what the heck…let’s start the year with a bang!

Over the course of the holiday break I suffered through the same barrage of progressive sewage the rest of America did. As the evidence of societal breakdown mounted I asked myself the same two questions over and over; “When will the silent majority decide enough is enough? What line must be crossed before we decide its one line too far?”

This holiday period gave us reason for shock from coast to coast. During the period we witnessed amongst other things, a gay couple married during the Rose Parade, transgender kindergartners being permitted to select which restroom to use in California, endless confusion over the status of healthcare coverage hoisted upon us by an all-powerful government, Trayvon Martin replacing the Christ Child in a Nativity scene, more Fast & Furious guns showing up at crime scenes, media efforts to whitewash the events of Benghazi for the benefit of Hillary Clinton, and a cadre of pro-Global Warming scientists stuck in the very arctic ice whose existence they set out to disprove. Shall I go on or do you pretty much get the point?

All of this progressive crap flies in the face of American tradition and right thinking to a majority of Americans, yet all of it and more is being thrust upon us a sacred fact by a socialist government and a willing media. Clearly, the intent is to ceaselessly beat all this into our heads until it is accepted as normal. In the process, those of us who find most all of it repulsive are forced to retreat from our values again and again and again, lest we offend someone.

I read an interesting quote this past weekend from a book written many years ago. It seemed to sum up much of what I hear from friends as well as anything I’ve heard lately within conservative circles.
“America is at that awkward stage. It’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards. “ The quote is from Claire Wolfe, author of the book, “101 things To Do ‘Til The Revolution.”

Now mind you, I don’t want to see an armed revolution nor am I advocating one. I pray daily that it never comes to that. But to assume that the many will continue to be pushed and prodded into submission in perpetuity is, I hope, pure mental folly. There WILL be a breaking point and I fear we will reach it sooner rather than later, which brings me to the two things I discovered just recently.

Walter Williams, who by the way is both conservative and black, wrote a fascinating piece that may well end up being a far better solution to the impasse we find ourselves in politically than most any other alternative. (Link provided)

In addition to being non-violent, his solution has the added benefit of perhaps being a historical test. If ever brought to fruition Mr. William’s solution might well deliver our best opportunity in decades to once again study the viability of an “all progressive” vs. “all conservative” platform for governing people on a statewide basis. Read his short piece and see if you don’t agree.

The second thing I wish to pass on is more focused on a single topic but addresses the issue of rights in general as well. It is a new video that responds to the intense pressure being put on second amendment rights. It is meant to challenge the progressive notion that sacrificing our constitutional right to defend ourselves is somehow a path to a more civil and secure life. Click on the video to it in it’s entirety for free.

The video is called “Molon Labe and it is quite convincing to those not too far gone to appreciate its content. And for those wondering, Molon Labe is a Greek phrase that translates to: “Come and Get Them!”

The phrase Molon Labe has become a defiant battle cry amongst those of us who recognize the encroaching oppression we are experiencing and wish to see it reversed. It is widely held that the phrase signifies a determination to not strike the first blow, but also to not stand mute and allow our loved ones, and all that we believe in and stand for, to be trampled by men who would deprive us of our God-given – or natural, if you will – rights to suit their own ends.

Yes, I know this is heavy stuff to kick the new year off with. However given the results to date with the “play along to get along” antics of the Republican establishment, we find the idea of surrendering more ground daily on nearly every front to no longer be tolerable. It is therefore my mission in 2014 to challenge this encroachment on every front and to do what I can to win in the arena of ideas.

Happy New Year, and strap it on!