Happy New Year! Yes, it is time to see what we can expect this new year from psychic predictions for 2014. Will the economy and the Barack Obama administration get flushed down the toilet? Will our political landscape change dramatically this coming November after the mid-term elections? What about the pending Sochi Winter Olympic Games in Russia? We have already seen two major terrorist attacks this week in Russia. Are they a sign of more violence ahead? How about Mother Nature? Will there be any major storms, earthquakes, etc., for us to contend with? Will any celebrities from Hollywood or the music industry make a big splash this year? Let us fire up the old crystal ball and shuffle those tarot cards to see what we might expect…

happy new year 2014

We shall begin with two of our favorite psychics, Kit and Lou, from Psychic Cosmos, a very nice group of gifted, talented astrologers, clairvoyants, etc., whom have been giving us a look into the future each new year. Then, we will drag out from his private pyramid the amazing Zarnak the Great! He may astound you with his visions and insights. Ladies, first, however, so let us read what Kit has to say about 2014.

Kit foresees more lingering trouble for Japan as more is learned about the ongoing problems at the Fukushima Nuclear power plant. In 2011, an earthquake and tsunami damaged the facility, putting four nuclear reactors off line. Radiation leaked both into the air and into the water, forcing evacuations. Kit is predicting more fallout from this event. She also is concerned about the economy, particularly in Europe. Kit does not believe that Germany is as strong and stable as the image they project. She also warns about more trouble in Russia during the Winter Olympic Games, especially about their public transportation systems. We could see more terrorist attacks on the bus and rail systems.

Lou is also worried about the Sochi Winter Olympic Games. That they may become a flashpoint for much more trouble. Lou′s take on the global economy is also a bleak one. The first six months of 2014 could see some major upheavals, particularly between January and March. He warns to pay attention to what is not being said by those in power. Lou believes that we may be in for a long, hot summer full of turmoil and tension. The weather and seismic events will add to the growing frustration that many people are facing. Again, Europe seems to be the focus of where the weakness in our current political/economic systems lie. Trouble there will have dramatic impacts across the globe.

On a happier note, Zarnak the Great predicts good things for 2014. A religious/spiritual revival will go into full swing as people turn away from hedonism and consumerism. This resurgence of faith will help bind people together as the rest of the political/economic system staggers and stumbles about. This will play a big role in the entertainment industry which will begin to refocus on promoting traditional values. Barack Obama will continue to sink in the polls as more scandals emerge, as well as more information of older scandals. Obamacare will be quite harmful in the short term, but the long term effect will be a greater desire for smaller government in the future. While much of 2014 will be chaotic, by the end of the year, the dust will settle and the seeds of a new prosperity will be planted.

So those are the psychic predictions for 2014. If you want more information, then visit Kit and Lou at www.psychiccosmos.com for a personal reading. Zarnak the Great, unfortunately, is in semi-retirement, and is only coaxed out from his Pyramid of Peace with a large box of chocolate goodies. But I know his weakness for caramels and those delicious French mint melt-aways. Here′s wishing you all a bright and happy New Year for 2014!