The quack is mightier than the pen? Perhaps, now that the A&E network has reversed its ban, ending the Phil Robertson suspension from the popular ′reality′ TV series, Duck Dynasty. It seemed like only a week or so ago that this story came into being after GLAAD and other LTGB groups expressed outrage over Phil Robertson′s comments made during an interview with GQ Magazine. The Duck Dynasty patriarch had remarked that homosexuals were sinners, even comparing them to terrorists. Jesse Jackson even tried to cash in on this one due to other comments made during the interview which appeared to some as being supportive of the old Jim Crow laws. However, Robertson never mentioned Jim Crow or any law once during the interview. His remarks about blacks seeming to be happier back in the 1950s was more in context with the rest of the interview focusing on religion, faith and family.

phil robertson suspension

One could say that this whole brouhaha was orchestrated to boost viewership as A&E ran their Duck Dynasty marathon this week for Christmas. After all, the next season had already filmed nine out of the ten planned episodes with Phil Robertson in them. So suspending him or putting him on some sort of indefinite hiatus was a mute point. That A&E would endanger their own bottom-line by canceling the series was also very doubtful. The Robertson family made it very clear that they would walk if pushed and other cable networks were already lining up to grab the show.

The clash between Hollywood-New York Liberals and religious America hit an all time high this year. The History Channel announced a sequel to its wildly popular ′The Bible′ mini-series. The new Pope is both Time Magazine′s Person of the Year, as well as Esquire′s best dressed man of the year. A new blockbuster movie, ′Noah′, starring Russel Crowe will be coming out in the spring. The popularity of Duck Dynasty is just one more sign that America is still a nation of believers.

So the great Duck Dynasty controversy is now officially over as A&E ended its ban and lifted the Phil Robertson suspension. The popular cable TV reality series had some 30 million viewers during this week′s Duck Dynasty marathon. Other than A&E looking silly, Cracker Barrel also has duck egg on their face after they decided to ban the sale of Duck Dynasty merchandise for almost 24 hours until public sentiment forced them to reverse that duck call. Perhaps they will now change the name of their store to the Quacker Barrel? Let′s hope they all get their ducks in a row before doing something else equally as stupid.