Merry Christmas to all, a Christmas made all the merrier when we witness the spectacular fall of liberals in the news. Consider these fun headlines in the news today. Comment on them or consider this an open thread.

1. Phil Robertson is back on Duck Dynasty. Despite the screaming gay and sissy lobbies, the A&E network bowed to public pressure to reinstate the character on the popular reality television program. I’ve never watched the show myself, but now I will give it a try. Thanks gay lobby for making me and everyone else aware of what might very well be a cool TV program.

2. Our commander in chief is back down to his all time low approval ratings. Even Santa Claus couldn’t bring Obama a favorable rating in his stocking. Nothing but coal for the nation’s most liberal president in history. Warms my conservative heart.

3. An expedition to Antarctica is frozen in ice. A dramatic rescue operation is underway which involves a Chinese ice-breaking ship. Oh irony of ironies. This expedition was intended to study global warming, that global fancy of liberal minds everywhere. Science tells us that all of the global warming prediction models are broken, and in fact, the earth as measured by liberal scientists who depend on data for their government grants, has not actually warmed in a generation. In fact, we are all unfortunately colder this year than any year in the last hundred years.

4. Obamacare will be back in the news right after January 1st. Even the hiatus in negative coverage while we break for the holidays was not enough to boost its standing among the American people. A poll the day before Christmas shows support for Obamacare is now at an all time low.

5. New Jersey’s Christie now tied with Hillary Clinton in a national poll.