According to Senator Tom Coburn′s latest Government ′Wastebook′, some $400,000 were spent by a Yale Law school professor to gauge the intelligence of Tea Party members. However, the results of the study have been largely ignored as they indicate that Tea Party members have a higher science comprehension than that of non-Tea Party members. Meaning that when it comes to cognitive skills, Tea Party members are smarter than other Americans, including Liberals. No wonder ABC-CBS-NBC-CNN-HLN-MSNBC-WashPo-NYTimes have ignored the study and its results. Naturally, we here knew this all along since science has proved that Liberalism is in fact a genetic mental disorder. Just look at the facts, namely Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Charles Shummer, etc. They are all as mad as hatters! Crazy, insane goofballs who can barely handle simple arithmetic, let alone any higher cognitive functions.

tea party smarter

I know what you are thinking! I can almost hear Thurston Howell III cry out, ″Good Heaven′s, a Yale man!″ I′m sure the Yale law school dope who did the study is now wishing he had researched something else, like romance on the Internet, which our federal government also sponsored a study for to the tune of about a million dollars. Youcan bet your bottom dollar that had the results been different, that Tea Party members are dumber than Liberals, then the ′Lame Street Media′ would have covered the story in great detail for over a week. But instead, since the results were the opposite of what Liberals wanted, the story is ignored. More people probably know about the ′Christmas Cat′ video on You-Tube.

So what do you think? Are Tea Party members smarter than Liberals? Is Liberalism itself a genetic mental disorder? Should our bankrupt government spend $400,000 for the Yale law school study? And what about that Christmas cat video on You-Tube? Would Senator Tom Coburn put a government study of it in his Wastebook if taxpayers spent $400,000 on it?