Last night on the National Geographic Channel, the new episode of Doomsday Preppers, entitled No Stranger to Strangers, introduced us to two very different preppers. Well, kind of different. In Weatherford, Texas, Richard Huggins is typical of many of the preppers we have seen on the NatGeo TV series. He is prepping for a nuclear attack by terrorists, stockpiling plenty of food and guns, including a Browning .30 caliber machinegun. Meanwhile, somewhere in rural Colorado, we have Dr. Dave who is prepping for a solar EMP burst. Along with an EMP-proof Chevy Blazer, the good doctor has plenty of food, fuel and water stored. As a practitioner of alternative medicine, Dr. Dave also grows marijuana, for medicinal purposes of course! He even has refurbished an old Airstream trailer to be his mobile pharmacy, including installing a small hydroponic grow system for his weed. Can Dr. Dave make survivors feel good about the end of civilization?

doomsday preppers no stranger to strangers
Richard Huggins has an arsenal of some 60 weapons, including a full-auto Thompson submachinegun and a Browning .30 caliber MG with a tripod mount. Image Credit: National Geographic.

I′ll start with Richard but I won′t spend too much time on him. He is just too typical for most of the preppers we have seen during the past three seasons. Maybe it is something in the water in Texas? Perhaps it is his mustache? Who knows but this guy is all about weaponry. Owning a machine shop, he makes a lot of defense items for himself. His big project for the show is building a pillbox which will house his Browning machinegun and have both VLOSS grenade launchers to fire tear gas from and home-made claymore mines. He tests it all and while they work, his wife was forced to retreat when the wind shifted and she got a mouth full of CS gas. No way to treat a lady if you ask me.

In Colorado, Dr. Dave is my kind of kook. He′s into the whole homeostasis thing where the Earth′s natural energy fields and those of human beings are cosmically aligned. Maybe he was dropped on the head as a baby or he′s been smoking his medicinal marijuana too much? Who can say? But at least he is thinking the right way in terms of being a benefit to his community after the collapse of civilization. His preps are impressive! He has stored some 3 years worth of food, 125,000 gallons of water, 500 gallons of fuel, plus an 1,800 square foot greenhouse. Half of which is devoted to tomatoes and cucumbers. For the past four years, he has also been growing his own weed.

In addition to his medical marijuana, Dr. Dave is also collecting leeches. Some modern hospitals are still using leeches to prevent blood clots and to help heal gunshot wounds. The doctor is also into Chinese herbs and acupuncture. So when the poop hits the fan, he′ll pack up his wife and young daughter and head to his bug-out hide-out, towing his mobile pharmacy with him. Once the dust settles, he′ll start practicing medicine using his goodies and knowledge to benefit survivors. Dr. Dave does pack a few weapons, too, so be sure and pay your bill. LOL! I doubt if Obamacare will be around after a solar EMP burst wipes out civilization.

So that was this week′s episode on Doomsday Preppers, No Stranger to Strangers, on the National Geographic Channel. If I had a choice between Richard from Texas or Dr. Dave from Colorado for being a neighbor, I would certainly choose Dr. Dave. His mobile pharmacy, complete with leeches and a marijuana hydroponic growing system is pretty cool. I bet Art Bell would be impressed with the doctor′s modified Airstream trailer. Sure, who wouldn′t love having a Browning .30 caliber machinegun? But if you are going to go down that road, you may as well go all the way and buy a .50 caliber Ma-Deuce!