If Boehner is intentionally preparing to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory he took a huge step in that direction today. Between his near total capitulation on this newest budget farce and his yet to be announced amnesty program, the pitter-patter of little red state feet fleeing into into seclusion is nearly deafening. Even more worrisome is the chant you can hear as they march, “Third party, here we come!”

Boehner added insult to injury when he decided to throw his little tantrum toward those with the unmitigated gall to call him on his surrender. Of the criticism, his highly inspiring response was simply, “This is ridiculous.”

Next to Jay “Baghdad Bob” Carney, John Boehner may be both the least inspiring and credible man in the country. Aside from being seen by 90% of flyover country as the man most likely to cave on virtually anything, he is also the most out of touch person on our side of the isle. To characterize the conservative response to his surrender as “ridiculous”, is to arrogantly dismiss their dissatisfaction as not relevant enough to warrant an opinion. What Mr. Boehner may not like but clearly fails to understand is, as Martin Sheen once said in an episode of West Wing, “The American people have a funny way of deciding for themselves what is important and what isn’t.” …A fact I now predict they will make crystal clear to him when the 2014 mid-terms roll around.

Herman Cain wrote an op-ed last week claiming the GOP had a branding problem. Aside from McCain’s own obvious personal involvement in that possibility, he was wrong and John Boehner proves it. The GOP has a leadership problem.

I’d say that the GOP is little more than a group of used car salesmen but that would be an insult to used car salesmen. The GOP is where it is for three reasons: First, they have not a single principle that is sacred enough to be fully defended. Second, they have no marketable products to promote and third, they have no credible spokesperson to make their pitch. If the GOP was a storefront it would feature window dressing at best; no substance.

Media efforts aside, real people saw hope in the efforts of Ted Cruz. Mr. Cruz got high marks for standing up to Goliath and saying what desperately needed to be said. More people understood that even while the Cruz marathon was being blasted as a wasted effort, the outcome might of been different had their been 60 voices in his chorus rather than two. As it was, we at least came away inspired and now have a far greater appreciation of who is willing to stand and fight and who is not. It was comforting to know the palace still had at least a couple guards, short lived though it may have been.

From Boehner’s point of view he is probably assuming that the nationwide rejection of all things Obama will be sufficient to carry the day in the midterms. If that is his strategy, it is flawed. The thing he clearly fails to comprehend about the conservative base is that to them, failure is failure. If supporting Boehner first requires we forfeit conservative principles, why do it? When failure is as predictable as it is with Boehner, motivation to find an alternate path to victory increases. Losing is losing either way, but there is honor in standing firm and who knows, a third party might just eventually take root.

I’m reading a book right now called “Outlaw Platoon”. In it there is a line that essentially says, “There is a point in the fierceness of combat when leadership has nothing to do with rank. If the ranking officer is unwilling to lead in the fight, warriors will fall in behind the lessor man who is.” The GOP might soon have to learn that is true in more than just combat.