What goes on at MSNBC? Bad enough that Martin Bashir thinks that Sarah Palin should be used as a toilet. Or that their latest new host, Alec Baldwin, had to be fired because he is a hothead. Now we have MSNBC weekend host, Melissa Harris-Perry claiming that the Obamacare is a derogatory term, akin to the controversial N-word. That wealthy white men came up with Obamacare to use against Barack Obama to make him inferior simply because he is a black man. I suppose we can just add this to the many buffoons which have shows on MSNBC, like Chris ′Tingles′ Matthews, or the Mormon-hating Larry O′Donnell, the man-hating Rachel Maddow, or the two professional haters, Ed Shultz and Al Sharpton. But this one really borders the lunatic fringe since at one point, Obama, himself, approved using the term Obamacare to describe his signature legislation effort.

melissa harris perry obamacare racist

The Far-Left has been having kittens ever since the roll out of the Obamacare website. They thought that the government shutdown, which they attempted to blame Republicans for (even though it was Harry Reid and Barack Obama who let it happen) would carry them to victory in the 2014 mid-term elections. But with the disaster of a $600 Million dollar website not working, along with nearly 6 million Americans being dropped from having health care insurance, the Obamacare experience has backfired on Democrats. Add to that the fact that the Affordable Care Act law has now proven to the public at large that Barack Obama is a pathological liar and the question now is just how bad will the Democrats lose by next year?

Melissa Harris-Perry is just another MSNBC host among the rest of the line-up who have no genuine journalistic skills. Desperate for attention, and ratings, her claim that Obamacare is a derogatory term, invented by wealthy white men similar to the controversial N-word is just ridiculous. The term Obamacare is not an attempt to attack Barack Obama because he is a black man or to make him inferior. Obama does a fine enough job all on his own to make himself a lazy, incompetent, moronic liar. His policies are an utter failure and are taking the nation in the wrong direction, that towards bankruptcy. Of the alleged 1.46 million people who think they have signed up for Obamacare, more than 1.24 million have actually signed up for Medicaid. With nearly 6 million Americans losing their healthcare insurance, Obamacare has so far resulted in a net loss, as even more people are without health insurance than before the Affordable Care Act became law.