Will the Obamacare site going down for repairs last night succeed in fixing it? That depends on the meaning of the word, ′succeeds′. Barack Obama and his White House of fools claims that if the Healthcare.gov website functions at 80% today, then it is a success. Keep in mind that before the Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress thought that our old health care system, which covered 85% of the population, was a failure. Given that Obama put the baby butcher, Kathleen Sebelius in charge of the Department of Health and Human Services, tells us much about just how Obama views healthcare in America.

obamacare site going down

Whether the website is fixed or not does not really matter as the Affordable Care Act law itself is the real problem. The idea of adding another 30 million or so people into a system that already has a shortage of doctors and nurses is putting the cart before the horse. Even in an ideal situation, medical care is going to be rationed, and the government will write the rules for who gets what. We got a taste of this earlier this year when the federal government attempted to stop a lung transplant for a young girl. When asked about it, Kathleen Sebelius glibly replied, ″some people are going to live and some people are going to die.″ Even Obama, himself, remarked when asked about health priorities that grandma might be denied medical care since she had already lived a long life.

A potential scenario is brought to view through the BBC science fiction TV series, Torchwood: Miracle Day. A spin-off of the Doctor Who series, the show follows the exploits of the members of Torchwood, a secret organization begun by Queen Victoria in 1879 after she had a run in with our favorite wandering Time Lord for the purpose of defending the British Empire from unusual threats, including extraterrestrials. In season 3, most of the group were killed and the organization was officially disbanded. Its only two surviving team members, Gwen Cooper and the immortal human from the future, Jack Harkness, return to action when Miracle Day happens. People stop dying suddenly all over the world.

While death takes a holiday, aging, pain, suffering and disease do not. The medical systems across the planet are suddenly swamped with people who should be dead. Worse yet, infectious diseases are spreading more rapidly. Hospitals, clinics and pharmacies are using tons of pain killers and antibiotics to keep things under control, but the strain is overwhelming. About all one can do with those who are too badly maimed, burned or injured to be repairable are kept sedated. Governments in the U.S. and Europe begin establishing emergency ′overflow camps′ to handle patients. People are tagged in one of three categories. Category 3 means that you are healthy and fine. Category 1 are those who should be dead and Category 2 are those sick or injured.

The Torchwood team, with help from a couple of renegade CIA agents, soon discover that within the Overflow Camps, guarded by the military, are even tighter secure facilities called ′The Modules′. They serve two purposes, first they are refrigerated to store Category 1 patients until the Modules are full. Then the coolers are shut off and the gas jets are turned on to incinerate the patients into dust. Even when the Torchwood team exposes these 21st Century concentration camps, the public appears accepting of the new reality.

I raise this comparison between Obamacare and Torchwood: Miracle Day for two reasons. First, while we are not going to see medical concentration camps we are going to have rationed care. For the second reason you′ll have to come back tomorrow when I write a book review that gives us another perspective on the subject. In both cases, we see that the heavy hand of Big Government is not the best decision maker when it comes to determining who should live and who should die.

The Obamacare site going down for a 12-hour repair job overnight Friday may correct some of the problems with Healthcare.gov, but it does nothing with fixing the flaws of the Affordable Care Act laws. Barack Obama and his White House may try to spin the truth but a disaster is brewing which will have many unintended consequences. Or perhaps they are intended, as Kathleen Sebelius, head of the Department of Health and Human Services, seems cold-blooded enough to carrying out such a mission.