Here in the United States its Happy Thanksgiving Day, 2013. A day when we are to count our blessings and celebrate with family and friends. So what are you thankful for this year? More stores opening early with more bargains for Black Friday 2013 sales and deals? Perhaps you are grateful that your health insurance has not yet been canceled? Or maybe because you have a day off to watch your favorite football teams play their annual Thanksgiving Day games? Everybody loves a parade and there will be several to watch this morning. Will you be thankful if the winds in New York City allow for the Macy′s parade to fly their balloons?

thanksgiving day 2013

This is an open thread, so you may comment on anything you wish. I chose to talk about being thankful on Thanksgiving Day. For me, I am grateful I′m still alive. Every day I have two feet to wear shoes is a good one, especially if I wake up. I suppose I should be happy that we are witnessing the fall of Barack Hussein Obama. His poll numbers continue to decline. A new poll in Ohio shows him to have only a 32% job approval rating for that ′All-Important′ state.

We′ve come along way since the first Thanksgiving of the Mayflower Pilgrims in 1621. They were truly thankful to be alive, though many would not survive the winter. Life was harsh back then. Today, instead of worrying about sheer survival, most folks are more concerned about their job security or their social media footprint. I forget which late-night comic host said this but one described Thanksgiving as a time for the whole family to sit at the dining room table and text message together. The fine art of conversation has been lost in our digital age.

Still, it is a holiday and I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving Day for 2013. I also want to wish my Jewish friends a Happy Hanukkah! The year is winding down as we enter the Christmas season. With 2014 comes a whole year of fun politics to play with. Obamacare is the turkey that is giving the whole nation a case of salmonella, especially to Democrats seeking reelection. So ′gobble-gobble′ and have a great day!