I will avoid wasting your time with “Duck and Cover” or the assorted doomsday preparations here, as I go over the assorted (or sordid) details of the latest Democrat strategy of invoking the “nuclear option” in the Senate.

Last week, fresh off the heels of the latest Republican capitulation to Democrats, Harry Reid decided to casually adopt this strategy to end filibusters over certain legislation and judicial nominations. Our current Senate Minority Idiot, Mitch McConnell, responded by saying… “It’s sad!”

Yep… It’s sad, and republicans will never use such awful tactics against the Democrats, should they somehow take control of the Senate in 2014. That’s what McConnell has vowed. It’s not a time to consider retaliation, it’s a time to be sad. So republicans, let’s all join together and be sad with Mitch! While we are being sad, let me go over what this actually means politically.

The primary reason Reid and Obama have decided to do this, is the upcoming judicial nominations for lifetime appointments to federal appellate courts, specifically those in Washington D.C. By implementing the standard of approving judges with a simple majority, Reid ensures that all of Obama’s picks will be streamlined through without any problems. This allows Obama to pack the courts with liberal activist judges. Oh, but elections have consequences, and he should get to appoint whomever he pleases to the courts! I’m sure that’s what the feckless Senate Minority Idiot would tell us.

What does this all mean for us? Well, it means we will get to watch Obama issue one executive fiat after another, and his assorted federal agencies ram through one regulation after another, and when conscientious objectors challenge these unconstitutional acts in federal appeals court (in D.C.), the rulings will be in Obama’s favor. It basically ensures, for the next 3 years, and indeed, for the lifespan of the appointed judges, the liberals will have the courts on their side, in their back pocket. There will be no legal way for anyone to overturn anything this president is doing or plans to do the next 3 years.

Yes… It’s sad, Mitch, very sad! Someone hand Boehner a tissue please?

Sometime oh, after the midterms, you can expect the first round of EPA mandates which effectively nationalize the energy sector. Those evil capitalists who are polluting the atmosphere with their carbon dioxide emissions just can’t be controlled otherwise. No, you can’t do that, it’s not possible! ….Yep, it’s possible when the court refuses to hear your case! Now it will be consolation to us all that Mitch will be saddened by all of this, but hey… elections have consequences, right? No big deal, we just need to win some more elections!

What we’ll need to do is win super majorities in both the House and Senate and win the White House. Once that happens, our new Republican president can reverse all of this stuff, and then when Liberals challenge it in court and the lifetime-appointed Obama justices shoot it all down, we can sit and be sad with Mitch McConnell. Oh yes, it’s so very sad indeed! Downright pathetic!

Now the first step the Senate Minority Idiot thinks we should take, is attacking the Senate Conservative Fund and blacklisting anyone who associates with them, because they are really the “CINOs” in the party, the “wacko bird” kooks who are extremist and crazy ideologues because they are trying to fight what is happening now. Once we’ve completely alienated this huge conservative grass roots movement known as the Tea Party, we are sure to win super majorities in both houses, because the Independent voters will materialize from the woodworks to support feckless moderates who stand for nothing. Happens all the time! McCain would have won if he hadn’t picked that kooky Sarah Palin, and Romney would have won if Obama hadn’t been so great that no one could defeat him!

So to summarize the Senate Minority Idiot’s game plan: We are not to ever, under any circumstance, let the Democrats shut down the government again. We’ll capitulate to Harry Reid and give him whatever he and the Democrats demand because we want to be seen, not as the party of “no,” but the party of “okay!” Then we want to marginalize anyone who objects to the feckless republican leadership and tactics of capitulation, because we must appeal to independent voters and hope to win super majorities. This includes viciously backstabbing republicans who associate with the Senate Conservative Fund because they are CINOs who don’t understand the nuances of politics like the Senate Minority Idiot and his minions. We should continue to show America that we are deeply saddened by Obama’s actions to stuff the courts with liberal activists and vow to never adopt such awful tactics ourselves. And one of these days, when the stars all align, and we have the perfect storm, millions of independent moderates who never have turned out to support the GOP candidate, will suddenly appear and the world will be made right again!

But for now… let us all join together with Mitch and be sad. Hand Boehner another tissue, will ya?