Last night the National Geographic Channel gave us a more mundane episode of Doomsday Preppers, entitled Survival is an Ugly Beast. We meet two new preppers doing the usual stuff to get ready for martial law, social upheavals, an economic collapse and the fall of the U.S. dollar that we often see on this NatGeo TV series. Robert in Texas seeks to protect his wife and 6-year old daughter from civil unrest and government tyranny while Greg in Tennessee does the same for his family of four. Both moved away for cities. Robert already is living off the grid on his remote property while Greg is still in the suburbs but has a 30-acre bug-out location to hide in. He intends to do more than just hide, Greg wants to be invisible!

doomsday preppers survival ugly beast
Greg is prepping for the collapse of the dollar by building an invisible tree house to keep his family safe. Image Credit: National Geographic.

Robert lives outside of Dallas, Texas with his wife, Wendy and their six-year old daughter, Riley. They moved there when Wendy became pregnant and have spent the past 6 years preparing for martial law which they expect once society becomes lawless and breaks down. Robert is storing up on plenty of food, water and guns. He′s got a nice solar array to keep him off the grid and enough batteries to power his home for a week. Along with an arsenal of firearms, including some full-auto weapons, Robert is setting up layers of booby traps to protect his property.

First, Robert sets up a trip-wire warning system on the outer fringes of his land. His initial idea for a warning device, using a mousetrap and a shotgun shell fails to work. So he invents a better device using two flare torches. With help from his neighbor and fellow prepper, Gary, Robert and he also work on other goodies, like a modern version of the punji stick ′fall-in′ trap. But a real-life storm with tornado warnings puts work on hold as his wife drives to their daughter′s school to fetch her home. Robert grows anxious as he awaits their return. They arrive home safe and everyone enters an underground storm shelter as the fury of the storm passes overhead.

Robert and Gary get back to work, testing their new fall-in trap using the head of a dead hog. The trap works just fine. They next place a bunch of horse-feed buckets about loaded with containers of Tannerite. An explosive charge that is set off by shooting a bullet at it. They test that out with some dummies and are happy with the results. Finally, Robert tests a sheet of ballistic glass he bought that will stop bullets from penetrating from the outside, but allows bullets to be fired through it from the inside. Pretty cool glass!

About 20 miles south of Nashville, TN, Greg lives in a suburban community with his wife, Marcia and their two teenage children, Melissa and Mike. Greg thinks that the U.S. dollar is about to become worthless and that society will breakdown as a result. To prepare, Greg has a nice square-foot style garden, raises rabbits and an assortment of firearms. His wife is not too crazy about all of this but daughter Melissa helps her dad out canning food and doing other stuff. Greg′s son Mike is trained to shoot and help out on patrols.

When the economy collapses, Greg and his family will bug out to a 30-acre hideout. There, Greg builds an invisible tree house using a peel-off mirror sheeting to coat the structure. This reminds me of the alien in the movie ″Predator″. Melissa helps out a bit but has to leave for college. Greg hired contractors to do the actual construction, but it may have been a waste of time. Wife Marcia is afraid of heights! Getting her up a rope ladder will not be easy.

Greg comes up with some framing to steady the ladder when deployed. While this helps Marcia to climb the ladder, it may also give away the location. So Greg digs some spider holes around the perimeter to engage would-be looters before they get close to the tree house. With help from the construction team, Greg stages a mock alert and Marcia successfully climbs up to the tree house with her son Mike. Greg confronts the ′looters′ and the drill is a success.

So this week′s offering from the National Geographic Channel of Doomsday Preppers, Survival is an Ugly Beast, was pretty dull for the most part. The only cool tricks we learned from the NatGeo TV series was about the new ballistic glass and the invisible tree house. Aside from that, the best parts of the show were two of the commercials. One which a pair of preppers select Little Caesar to join them in their bunker over a guy in a tactical suit and a woman in a bio-hazard suit since Little Caesar will bring a bunch of pizzas with him. The other was a commercial for Wise Foods starring the lovely Marie Osmond. Like any good Mormon wife, she has at least a two-year supply of food stockpiled. I′ll bet she even has a two-year supply of toilet paper and lip gloss stashed away, too!