Stoning adulterers may soon be legal again in Afghanistan as a new law is being considered, restoring the practice under the Sharia Law of Islam. According to the top man of the Afghan Independent Bar Association, Rohullah Qarizada, a draft of the law will include requirements that there be at least four eyewitnesses to the adultery. It has been about a dozen years since the Taliban were thrown out of power in Afghanistan after the United States launched Operation Enduring Freedom following the 9/11 attacks in 2001. Many human rights watchdog groups are unhappy about the turn of events of late as Hamid Karzai has been negotiating with the Taliban. Stoning adulterers goes back to The Bible as women and men were killed for violating God′s laws. While the Afghan Justice Ministry claims that no new laws are being considered, public stoning and other restrictions against women appear to be possible in the near future. In other Muslim nations, like Iran and Mali, stoning adulterers is still being practiced.

stoning adulterers

Under the Taliban, Sharia Law was strictly enforced in Afghanistan. Children were punished for flying kites. Women were not allowed to go to school. Nor were they allowed to use bridges, as this could tempt men into looking up at them to sneak a peak. Though, somehow, I doubt if there was much the men could see in an up-burqa situation, as opposed to an up-skirt view in the West. Still, just the very notion that such thoughts could be generated by women being overhead of men is enough to possibly create unholy behavior under Sharia.

After 12 years of war, thousands of lives lost and maimed, and billions of dollars spent in Afghanistan, we have to ask ourselves, was it worth it? Should we have just gotten out of there after chasing the Taliban and Al Qaeda into Pakistan and left any additional fighting to the local warlords and tribal groups? I′ve said before that following 9/11, we had a small window of opportunity where we could have just nuked Afghanistan and no nation would have batted an eyelash about it. It does appear that in terms of nation building, or rebuilding, the clash of cultures is radically different than that of post WW2 when we reformed Germany and Japan.

So what do you think about the return of stoning adulterers in Afghanistan? Will Sharia Law turn the country back into such as when the Taliban were in control? Are Afghan women about to learn a hard lesson of Islam, that they are second-class citizens? If you think this is bad, what will happen after Hamid Karzai invites the Taliban to return? It looks to me that we have over stayed our welcome in Afghanistan and it is time to pull out. Let China deal with them. If they want to be a superpower then let them cut their teeth in Afghanistan.