This is an intriguing question often posed by our liberal Obama-worshiping counterparts. Some of us struggle to find an explanation, but there is indeed an explanation. We shall examine it in this editorial.

First of all, it’s not that complicated. Plenty of high-brow business people will try to claim it is complicated and there are a number of reasons we see a continued climb in the stock market while America is seemingly going to hell in a handbasket. Nothing is further from the truth.

Make no mistake, America is definitely in the handbasket and headed straight for the fiery annals of Hades. What is currently keeping the stock market climbing is simply the result of our Federal Reserve policies under a Marxist-Socialist regime. The Feds are printing money like crack-addled maniacs who just got a money-printing press for Christmas. Billions and billions of dollars are being churned out every day, and it is going to bankers and financiers who fuel investment in the stock market. They call this “quantitative easing” or as former Federal Reserve Chairman Herman Cain likes to call it, “counterfeiting.”

Now we’d like to think the Marxist-in-Chief is just an imbecile idiot who doesn’t know what the hell he is doing, but that also couldn’t be further from the truth. It is much more diabolical. You see, it is his underlying intention and plan to completely collapse the dollar. This will essentially destroy all wealth creation in America. It’s precisely why you see so many wealthy people investing in gold and the price of gold continue to skyrocket. The insane idea is to collapse the dollar, then with the useless dollars, pay off our national debt. Oh glory day, right? Not so fast. There is a heavy price yet to be paid.

It means that soon, our dollars will be completely worthless, which means you will be paying quite considerably more for all goods and services. We’re already seeing this inflation start to happen in the marketplace. We complacent Americans have become accustomed to $3.50 a gallon gasoline where just 6-7 years ago it was half this price. We are used to $5 a gallon milk now, where it once was half that price. A loaf of bread is around $3 instead of being “on sale” for less than a buck. Overall, the price of groceries in a typical family has risen about 40% since Obama took office, and it’s going to get much worse.

As I said before, the truly wealthy people have their strategy. They are buying up all the gold and moving assets to Belize or wherever it can be sheltered and protected into the future. Investment in true capitalist free market entrepreneurship is virtually non-existent. There are corporatists who are capitalizing on market trends with newly-printed money made available, but those are short-term investments intended to make hay while the sun still shines. As soon as they have raped the market, they will pull their assets and bail, and that’s when the proverbial feces hits the fan for us, the little guys in society.

I once joked that the Marxist-Socialist Democrats would have us all homeless, standing around a burning barrel eating crap sandwiches, lamenting about how nice it was that we could all come together and break bread. Doggone if I wasn’t just about right, and it took less than 8 years.

Folks, we are on board the Titanic. The ship is definitely going down. Some of us are frantically looking for the lifeboats and they are nowhere to be found, while others are quietly enjoying the music from the band on the promenade deck. This is about to get reall ugly and really fast. When it all starts to tank, it will be far too late to change course. We can all pontificate on repealing Obamacare, this is something that can’t be repealed. Once it starts to come unravelled, it will take whatever course it is destined to take and we’re along for the ride. I once feared for the life and world my grandchildren would have to endure, I now fear for the life and world my children will likely endure.