Late Saturday, John Kerry announced that the Iran nuclear agreement had been reached after two whole days of talks in Geneva, Switzerland. He and Barack Obama call it a ″historic deal″, while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls it a ″historic mistake″. The deal itself will limit Iran from enriching uranium to just 5% for the next six months as a team of international inspectors are allowed access to Iran′s nuclear facilities. Production of plutonium will also cease during this test period while economic sanctions against Iran are eased. The spinners of truth are trying to convince us that this is all possible because of the recent election in Iran of ′moderate cleric′ Hassan Rouhani as the new president. But the Associated Press reports that there have been secret talks between Iran and the U.S. held in Oman for some ten months before. So is Iran now a friendly nation or are they buying time to complete a usable weapon system?

iran nuclear agreement

Some analysts fear that Iran may already possess enough enriched uranium or plutonium to construct several nuclear bombs. Certainly enough material to build a ′dirty bomb.′ Add to this Iran′s latest launch of an orbital spacecraft and it would appear that they are well on their way to having a true, ICBM, Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile, capable of striking anywhere on the planet. The only item left to finish is the actual warhead itself.

The timing of all of this is questionable, as the Obama administration seeks to come up with any headline that displaces the Obamacare health insurance debacle. Or adds to the notion of Obama′s quest to create revolution for revolution′s sake as is written in Saul Alinsky′s book, ″Rules For Radicals.″ That destruction and chaos are needed to affect transformational social change. The news of the new deal also obscures the latest goings-on in the Western Pacific as China redraws their map of national waters, extending to include two islands of Japan. As well as an announcement last week by China that they are increasing the size of their navy.

The new Iran nuclear agreement is a bad deal. Thanks to the incompetent boob, Barack Obama, the world is now a more dangerous place. Saudi Arabia, while giving a lukewarm nod to the Geneva talks is also talking with Pakistan about buying nuclear weapons, as they foresee a time when they cannot count on America to aid them in defense. Benjamin Netayahu thinks that John Kerry is all wet for negotiated this Iranian nuclear deal, forcing Israel to consider military action sooner than later and to do so solo.