Forget about illegal immigrants, Obamacare is now enrolling dogs! Yes! Baxter the Yorkshire terrier, owned by Shane Smith of Colorado, was not only enrolled by, but also received a letter stating that his application to the Affordable Care Act was approved. The pooch is getting a $5 copay policy, although this should be an error, as the 14-year old Obamacare Yorkie should qualify for Medicare, since in dog years he is 98. Perhaps Social Security owes him some considerable back-pay, too?

obamacare yorkie

It has been another fun week for Barack Obama, who has announced that the enrollment for Obamacare deadline is pushed back one month for next year. Conveniently till just after the mid-term elections. White House jester, Jay Carney, claims that the move is meant to help insurers, giving them more time to calculate premiums and such. But this is false since insurance companies determine their policy costs well before, typically by April for the upcoming year. Since the Obama administration has no idea how the real world of private enterprise functions, this concept is beyond their grasp.

Last week, Obama declared that ″I′m not that stupid″ in regards to allowing the website to go public had he known that there were major issues with it. This week, thanks to the magic of emails, we now know that the White House, and Obama himself, did know in the days leading up to the roll out. This sort of pathological lying and rude arrogance is typical for Obama, especially if we consider what a former classmate of his, Mia Marie Pope, has to say.

In an interview with the Miami Herald Examiner, Pope said that she knew Barry Soetoro back in Hawaii, and described him as a ″walking fictional character.″ She said that Obama ″always portrayed himself as a foreign student.″ Mia says that Obama′s non-stop lies were always intended to boost his own importance. That, ″He seemed to be incapable or genuine about anything.″ Pope also goes into Obama being an active homosexual, even in high school. How he favored ″getting with these older white men″ to obtain cocaine. She sums it up as ″in other words, he was having sex with these older white guys, and that′s how he was getting his cocaine to be able to freebase.″

Pope also confirms other sorted aspects about Obama. She said she contacted the FBI several times to rat him out for using multiple Social Security numbers. Mia also went into the mystery of the Obama wedding ring, saying that he wore it well before marrying Michelle. She claims that it does indeed bare an inscription on its inside saying ″No God But Allah″. Obama′s arrogance was a daily exercise, as he would often bum cigarettes from others, then walk away without so much as a Thank You.

So is it any wonder that Obamacare is going to the dogs? The whole country is being turned into a two-bit kennel thanks to Barack Obama. Is he as stupid as he appears? You better believe it! The only ones dumber than Obama are the No-Low Information Voters who keep electing him.