Barack Obama is in a panic mode as the new CBS News poll shows that the Obama job approval rating has sunk to 37%, the lowest ever. The new poll reflects the impact of the failure of the Affordable Care Act as more details emerge on the mishandling of the Obamacare website roll out. From March 28 through April 8 of this year, Obama administration officials were briefed by McKinsey & Co., a consulting firm, which warned of major issues with the website. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, CMS director Marilyn Tavenner and Obama health policy adviser Jeanne Lambrew were all informed, as well as others, about the problems. Jay Carney said that Obama himself was also briefed. So there is no question that the White House and other executive branch officials deliberately deceived Congress and the American people as to the readiness of the website. Likewise, the Nation Register clearly shows that the Department of Justice determined in 2010 that the ACA would cause 80 to 100 million Americans to lose their current health insurance coverage.

obama panic

The CBS News poll shows that only 7% believe that the ACA is fine as it is. Another 48% believe that it needs some changes and 43% believe the entire law should be repealed. Even among Democrats, only 12% fully support the law as it stands now. Obama is flustered, especially after his Monday web-chat session with ′true believers′ was cut short when the website being used crashed. However, it did stay up long enough for Obama to claim that 100 million Americans have signed up for healthcare. Huh? Where did THAT number come from? Has Obama gone totally insane?

Obama′s job approval sank 9 points in just one month since last measured in October by CBS News. Support from Democrats has dropped 8 points in the past month and amongst Independents by 12 points to just 29%. The poll also confirms that the general public does not have much faith that the problems will be solved any time soon. Some 64% say they are not confident that the Obamacare website will be fixed at the end of the month as promised by Obama. On the sign-up process itself, 67% think it is going poorly while only 11% think it is doing fine. The CBS News poll also proves, once again, that a majority of the public have never supported the ACA law. In 2010, between 32% to 43% supported it compared to 47% to 53% disappoving. This year, the numbers have dropped from 39% to 31% support while disapproval has climbed from 51% to the current 61%.

So the new CBS News poll showing that the Barack Obama job approval rating has tanked to just 37%, causing a panic within the White House. The failures of the website and the deception by the Obama administration on the Affordable Care Act law account for the 9-point drop in the past month. Is it time to stick a fork in the Obama presidency? Is he now officially a lame duck? Obama is now just 2 percentage points away from matching the low job approval rating of George W. Bush, and he still has 3 years left to go. As more millions of Americans lose their employer provided health insurance coverage as we near 2015, I predict that we have not seen anything yet. Obama could easily crack the 20% range before leaving office.