For all the face time Obama is getting these days you might think he’s really having a rough time and his radical leftist agenda is stuck in the neutral. If you think that, think again.

Perhaps the most masterful thing Obama does is deflection. He gets you so fixated on what his right hand is doing that you never even notice what his left hand is up to. And make no mistake; it’s his LEFT hand that has and continues to do great damage.

There was a time when the pursuits of an administration could be influenced, checked and balanced by two things; one was public opinion, the other was congress. Neither of those seems capable of stopping Obama at this point. Every credible poll in the country for example, is saying that ObamaCare needs to be overhauled, if not repealed. Obama doesn’t care. Despite the fact that millions are having healthcare packages that they like and can afford cancelled and millions more will follow, he is tone deaf to their pain. Their issues are mere bumps in the road on his mission to dominate and control healthcare.

Similarly, congress has turned a deaf ear. They too are hearing the horror stories, they too know of the pain but like Obama, they are content to mouth the right words about treating the symptoms while the disease metastasizes. They have stood idly by as he has unilaterally changed legal deadlines, usurped more funding and perpetrated fraud after fraud on the American people. Richard Nixon was forced from office for far less than what we’ve seen of this president.

Obama came into office on a mission and still wakes up every morning in pursuit of that mission. What he can’t get voters to support or congress to pass, he accomplishes through executive order. Congress could and should challenge him on the constitutionality of his actions but to do so requires political courage and that is about as rare as Michael Jackson sightings at this point.

If we are going to save this country we better wake up and learn how to counter Obama’s sleight of hand. And it doesn’t just apply to healthcare either. Obama uses it on every political topic he touches. For example, while we watched an embassy building in Benghazi burn and four people die, Obama focused our attention on a You Tube video no one had seen, produced by a moron no one had heard of. While his right hand was dangling Kathlene Sebelius over the balcony rail with his right hand, his Justice department was advancing the cause of Immigration by permitting Illegal aliens like Marcos Rodriguez-Perez to again walk our streets. Never mind that this poor soul who just crossed the border seeking a better life murdered a US Border agent while out on (less than) “supervised release”.

While Obama was preaching the merits of energy independence with his right hand he was cutting off the Keystone pipeline and using EPA edicts to kill off the coal industry.

While Obama was assuring one hundred million gun owners that he supports the second amendment he was ordering the signing of a felonious UN Treaty that quite possibly could hand over our national sovereignty and trump our constitutional protections.

Now there is late word today that while pounding his chest about the moral obligation to take in war refugees from horrible parts of the world, we may in fact, but accepting trained terrorists on our home soil.*

If the president’s faux apologies and failed deadlines have you convinced that ObamaCare is any less likely to fully mature and infest our economy than originally intended, I have a bridge and some swamp land to sell you. The pace of his left wing march to radicalism may have slowed, but it is no less likely to be fully achieved. Nor is it any less likely to fundamentally change America than he originally stated.

If we are going to survive the next three years, we’d better find some political opposition with the courage to watch and arrest both of Obama’s hands, no just one.

Potential Terrorist refugee story courtesy of ABC news via: