I have been vindicated! John Crudele of the New York Post reports that the September 2012 jobs numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS, were indeed faked. In fact, the fabrication of data to show unemployment declining started some two years prior to that. This, according to confidential documents about Julius Buckmon, a U.S. Census Bureau employee who was caught fabricating jobs surveys data. In an interview with Crudele, Buckmon admitted that he had been instructed to fabricate survey results by ″higher-ups in the Census″. The ′all-important′ September Jobs Report, which came out early in October, 2012, showed that the national unemployment rate dropped from 8.1% to 7.8%, providing the illusion that under Barack Obama, the economy was improving, helping him defeat Mitt Romney. No president has won reelection with such high unemployment numbers since FDR and the Great Depression.

obama lies jobs report faked

The Census Bureau provides the BLS with data for their monthly jobs report by means of phone surveys. Six regions of the country are canvased to obtain this information. The BLS requires that 90% of households targeted must provide data for the surveys to be successful. Buckmon worked the Philadelphia region and was coming up short, so his bosses told him during a phone conversation to, ″Go ahead and fabricate it″, he explained to Crudele.

The New York Post article also went into how this manipulation of jobs report numbers began two years earlier in 2010. For you regular readers, I have been saying such since August of 2010. It was blatantly obvious that the economy was not in recovery and the White House and Democratic Party were fearful of how double-digit unemployment numbers would impact the 2010 mid-term elections. Between the economy and the passage of Obamacare, the Tea Party and others provided a huge swing in the House, one of the largest in history, and also helped add Republicans to the Senate, though not enough.

In 2012, the economy was still dismal. GDP growth under the Obama administration was still below 2% annually, despite the trillions of dollars being pumped into the economy. Throughout most of the year, polls showed that a majority of Americans believed the nation was on the wrong track, pointing to a potential upset by Romney to unseat Obama. But then the magic of number fudging as the raw data from the Census was being massaged, manipulated and fabricated when presented to the BLS. Further ′adjustments′ were then made, such as estimating the number of people whom had left the jobs market, to paint a rosy picture of economic improvement.

When Jack Welsh, former CEO of General Electric, went public raising questions about the jobs report, he was vilified by the Liberal Media. My own articles since 2010 about the faked jobs report numbers have been routinely attacked by Liberal readers here. Do I now expect them to apologize? Nope! Liberalism is based on lies. Their philosophy, if one could call it such, is based on the false premise that the universe is subjective. That there can be no absolute truth since there are no absolute facts. That all knowledge is mailable, to be manipulated, bent and twisted as one sees fit in order to promote their agenda.

So hats off to John Crudele of The New York Post for getting some hard evidence and an actual participant in the Census Bureau faking jobs report numbers. The world of Barack Obama is spinning out of control as more of his lies are surfacing. Perhaps the Saturday Night Live, SNL, skit of the Obama depression commercial for Paxil is not so far from the truth?