Is Barack Obama the Richard Nixon of our times? Has Obama lost all credibility due to Obamacare as Nixon did due to Watergate? We have seen many comparisons this week to Obama and his lie about being able to keep your health insurance plan and doctors with other events. The New York Times compares Obama′s handling of the Affordable Care Act website with that of George W. Bush′s handling of Hurricane Katrina. Others point to the Bush ′lie′ about Iraq having WMDs, weapons of mass destruction. But there are flaws in these two analogies. Katrina was a natural disaster, not man-made as Obamacare is. On WMDs, Bush did not lie as nearly every other major intelligence service also believed that Saddam Hussein was seeking such weapons. Obama has bungled the roll out of the ACA and has been deceiving the American people about it. This puts it closer to the bungled Watergate burglary and Nixon′s attempt to cover it up. There seems to be quite a bit of covering up at the White House these days…

obama you are nixon

A few media types are also beginning to compare Obama with Nixon. Christopher Ruddy, for example, drew the Obama-Nixon comparison when appearing on CNBC′s ′The Kudlow Report′ this past Tuesday. Of course, Richard Nixon actually knew what he was doing and truly governed. He had a few successes during his administration. But Nixon went down in flames as the Watergate coverup consumed his presidency. Obama, on the other hand, has really nothing to hang his ′legacy hat′ on, other than bankrupting the nation. Other Obama administration scandals, such as Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS-Tea Party and NSA spying are still hanging out there with a steady drip of damning details leaking out. As Mr. Handyman, Glenn Haege say, ″water always wins″, meaning that eventually, the truth will surface.

The truth about Obamacare is that it was never intended to work in the first place. Obama has always believed in transforming our healthcare system into a ′single-payer′, European-style Socialist welfare system. He said as much during the early stages of his first presidential campaign and even earlier back during his days in the Illinois State Senate. In 2007, Obama spoke before a union audience declaring that there would have to be an intermediary step first, before achieving the ultimate goal. That it may take an extra ten years or so to accomplish the passage of a single-payer system. Such implies that the intermediary step, Obamacare, must therefore be one designed to fail.

Nixon won reelection in a landslide in 1972. Obama won reelection by a much smaller margin in 2012. Both became immersed in scandal almost immediately, making their second terms in office difficult at best. Since Democrats controlled both wings of Congress, Nixon faced impeachment as Watergate and the coverup were fully investigated. Obama currently still has the luxury of a Democrat-controlled Senate, but that might change after the 2014 mid-term elections.

So while you, Barack Obama, may be another Richard Nixon in some ways, I do not see you resigning any time soon. But that does not mean that your remaining three years and change left in the White House are going to be a picnic. The Affordable Care Act is loaded with landmines and as other exemptions expire after 2014, the public outrage and lost of trust will gain momentum. We are already seeing the Mainstream Media now beginning to go on the offensive as they smell blood in the water. Obamacare will be the Watergate of the Obama presidency.