MSNBC angry-boy, Ed Shultz, has declared war as 39 House Democrats voted yesterday against Obamacare to support the Fred Upton bill. But his anger and criticism goes beyond a fracturing Democratic Party. Ed Shultz is also taking on ′The Mainstream Media′, whom Shultz contends wants Obamacare to fail. As Shultz opened his show on Friday, a side screen scroll listed the 39 House Democrats names, demanding that they be chastised and replaced by more agreeable Liberals. The lunatic then went after none other than the New York Times for suggesting that Barack Obama has now stumbled on the same level as George W. Bush did with Katrina as the Affordable Care Act is showing itself to be too convoluted to survive public acceptance. Is this the last gasp of Liberalism as predicted by Charles Krauthammer?

ed shultz obamacare

So why was I watching Ed Shultz you may ask? Normally, at 5pm, I watch ′The Five′ on Foxy News. This week was further complicated by Gourmet Holiday on QVC. But on Friday, Kimberly Guilfoyle was not on The Five and the first item on QVC was a pumpkin cheesecake from Junior′s bakery. While I love cheesecake, I dislike pumpikn. So I decided to switch over to MSNBC to see what was up over there in enemy territory.

Boy, did I tune in at the right moment! Ed Shultz was livid! He was ready to jump through the screen and strangle anyone who thought Obamacare was flawed. In Shultz′s puny mind, Obamacare is nearly perfect and Barack Obama is still a god. The blasphemy coming now from many House and Senate Democrats facing tough reelection prospects next year. Does this fracturing of the Democratic Party mean the end of Liberalism, as predicted by Charles Krauthammer? Hardly! The former speech writer for the very Liberal Walter Mondale may have had some existential conversion to dare call himself a ′Conservative′, but Krauthammer is as insightful on this new twist of political fate of Obamacare as he was in thinking that Barack Hussein Obama was a moderate.

Are you confused that Ed Shultz thinks the ′Mainstream Media′ now wants Obamacare to fail? Has his tirade against House and Senate Democrats who now want to modify or delay the Affordable Care Act give you hope that the Democratic Party is now fracturing its way into oblivion? Does this mean that Charles Krauthammer is right when he says that Barack Obama will cause the end of Liberalism? Obamacare will have a very negative impact on the Progressive-Liberal brand, possibly for many years to come. But Liberalism will not die and eventually will rise again. Especially since Republicans have that annoying quality of stealing defeat from the mouth of victory, all in the name of moderation. History is a cruel master and teaches us that the struggle between the Individual and the Collective is an ancient one and shall always be lurking about.