I have no idea why the republicans are scrambling to find fixes for ObamaCare. I have no idea why they are debating sending up a bill to restore lost insurance policies. If there was ever a man-made disaster of disasters it’s ObamaCare and Obama, Queen Nancy and Prince Harry should have ObamaCare tattooed to their foreheads in big red letters.

Perhaps far too many have already forgotten that ObamaCare wasn’t wanted even as it was being formulated. Poll after poll said the public was against it. The trifecta of pimps that pushed it through ignored public opinion and forced it upon us. Nancy Pelosi – ever the arrogant tyrant proudly proclaimed, “We’ll just have to pass it (ObamaCare) to see what is in it.”

Well, Ms. Pelosi – how’s that plan workin out?

Every time republicans try to do something to soften the blow of ObummerCare they take ownership in a little sliver of it. Why do that?

ObamaCare was never a joint political venture. Harry Reid used parliamentary trickery to get it passed and even at that, it was late on Christmas eve when they finally got the stench of it down to a passable format. It was created, written, passed and implemented without a single republican vote in either house. Democrats wanted it so badly that they were willing to go it alone. And that is precisely where I would leave them now.

If republicans really want to stop ObamaCare in its tracks, they should be running ad after ad after ad of Obama lying, Pelosi wanting it passed without knowing what was in it, and Reid altering senate procedure to get it passed. When those ads get boring they should start running ads of Jay Carney lying through his teeth, followed by some of the James O’Keefe videos. The O’Keefe videos document Obama’s navigators giving illegal advise and encouraging applicants to lie on federal application documents and hide income. And if all that fails, we can always follow up with testimonials from cancer patients who lost their coverage, employees who were kicked from full to part time jobs or laid off altogether just like the democrats would.

Let me say it again, Obama didn’t want help on ObamaCare, he saw to it he didn’t need help to get ObamaCare and he owns it. His arrogance, his blatant disrespect for the constitution and the rule of law got him here, let him get his self out.

If I were the speaker of the house (instead of that gutless wonder that is) there are only two things I’d be moving through right now. The first would be a weekly effort to repeal this mess with a promise of starting over and doing it right. I would dare senate dems to stand up and tell those millions of now uncovered Americans how great it is and why it’s worth saving.

The second thing I would pursue is a constitutional investigate aimed at preventing Obama from pursuing any more of his congressional end-arounds. If he needs more money to fix the website, fine. If he needs to alter documented deadlines or details of the law, fine. Let Obama stand before the American people and tell them how much, why and where the money is going to come from, because the last time we looked there was another debt ceiling violation coming in a few weeks.