Will the news of an Obamacare fix really allow old plans back on the health insurance market? The answer is N-O, NO! After the dismal release of the Obamacare enrollment numbers on Wednesday, the White House went into panic mode. Thus, Barack Obama unveils his health care fix during a press conference yesterday. Using executive powers, the Obama administration will extend health insurance plans that have been canceled due to their being considered sub par insurance coverage. About 5 million Americans have lost their current healthcare since September. Meanwhile, Healthcare.gov, a.k.a. Obamacare.gov website has been a disaster. According to the released Obamacare numbers, of some 27 million ′unique visits′ since its launch on October 1, fewer than 27,000 have enrolled for health insurance coverage through the federal government′s markets. About 79,000 have enrolled through state-run market websites, with California accounting for nearly half. The biggest winner, or loser, is Medicaid, which has seen more than 360,000 applications. Keep in mind that the 106,000 or so enrollments through the various insurance markets does not mean that people have actually purchased their plans, just placed them in their ′shopping carts′.

obamacare fix

Obama, who was more than 35 minutes late for his own press conference, gave another lame apology loaded with excuses. He claims he did not know that the website was such a failure or that the Affordable Care Act would cause so many policy cancellations. Yeah…, RIGHT! I suppose one could argue that Obama never read the bill, since apparently no Democrat actually did while they passed it into law on a purely partisan vote. One would think that some White House flunky would have read the darn thing, or a group reading different parts, and then give their boss a synopsis of what the ACA law entails. But the Obama administration is so incompetent and out of touch with reality that even if they had, they would simply hide any negative details under a rug, or maybe stash them away in the closet where Hillary Clinton kept all her old Whitewater files.

Liberals are in quite a panic nationwide thanks to Obamacare. Poll after poll now shows that the majority of American people think that Barack Obama is dishonest. That he deliberately lied and deceived them about the ACA. Even with yesterday′s announcement by Obama, which may not be legal or constitutional to start with, many Democrat senators are joining a bill proposed by Mary Landrieu (D-LA) and Mark Udall (D-CO) to extend old insurance plans for at least two more years as opposed to Obama′s one year Obamacare fix. Meanwhile, House Republicans are considering a bill by Fred Upton (R-MI) to make the fixes legal for one year, protecting companies from prosecution and civil law suits for the ‘substandard’ insurance policies. Whereas Obama use of executive orders only means that the federal government won’t prosecute, it offers no protection from civil cases. Also, either way, the insurance companies would still have to get there reconstituted policies approved by state insurance regulators, something which would take more time.

Which brings us to the question of the day, will the Obamacare fix really allow old plans back in the marketplace? The reason the answer is NO is because there is simply not enough time for insurance companies to set up such an option by December 15, the deadline for such action. Even if they could, the cost to maintain such coverage would be much higher due to other requirements of the Affordable Care Act. Most of those who have received their cancellation letters were already given an option to keep their current plans, while costing more, until October, 2014. So, in other words, Barack Obama is lying to us again, offering a fix that already existed but is impractical and more expensive. Only Obama would trash an industry he has already crushed for political reasons just to claim he did something that, at best, would only kick the can down the road for an extra two months.

So that is reason why the news of an Obamacare fix to allow old plans to extend another year is another attempt to deceive the American people. Barack Obama is doing this purely for political cover and so he can blame the insurance companies for something he did. The White House is in full panic mode following the release of the dismal Obamacare enrollment numbers on Wednesday. As Obama unveils his health fix he is only lying to us more.