One thing you can count on with the liberal narrative, it never accepts that anything is the fault of liberals and their policies. Oh it can change on a dime. Overnight, it can go from one extreme to the other. We now have liberal democrats clamoring in D.C. for precisely what Ted Cruz and others proposed just a few weeks ago, and Democrats shut the government down to prevent.

Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) is now co-sponsoring a bill with Mary Landrieu, demanding that insurance carriers in the private sector “restore the policies cancelled” as a result of Obamacare mandates.

So first we were told that these cancellations were merely the insurance companies not wanting to offer the plans, but that didn’t fly because it became clear the insurance companies were simply complying with Obamacare mandates. Then when that narrative no longer supported wind, the next line Obama flew at us was “these were substandard plans” and no one really wanted those anyway, so it’s going to be far better now.

However, mainstream America are inundating the switchboards and emails of their representatives in Congress about numerous cancellations and outrageous premium hikes, the narrative has to be changed again. Back to blaming the “bad apple” insurance carriers! Feinstein and Landrieu are going to force them to reinstate these substandard plans that no one wants anyway, which were cancelled due to Obamacare mandates. Is anyone still following this mess?

First of all, it is extremely naive to presume that insurance carriers can just up and change things every couple of months because some people in Congress aren’t satisfied. With any change there is an inherent cost that has to be paid by someone. We can’t just wave a magic congressional wand and make it all go away and return to what we had. The real world doesn’t work like that.

We now have an estimated 5 million MORE Americans who don’t have health insurance, thanks to Obamacare. They had insurance, and were reasonably satisfied with it, but those policies have been cancelled. They can’t get into the exchanges because, well, the website doesn’t work. And if they do manage to, they are finding premiums twice as high for less coverage. Democrats up for re-election are now facing a growing angry constituency who are about fed up with the excuses.

Ironically, the very thing conservatives like Ted Cruz have been pleading for the past three years, is being demanded by the very people who refused to budge. They would have none of it when republicans requested it, no way, Jose! Shut the government down, just don’t give one damn inch to republicans! So defiant and demanding they were, that even moderate republicans joined them in lamenting “it’s the law of the land now, may as well get used to it!”

Now that reality starts to hit home and people realize what a disaster this is, the liberal politicians are scurrying to save face. They need some way to go back to their constituency and claim they tried to “fix” this problem, but it was a problem they created. They backed it and supported it all the way and refused to listen to any reason whatsoever. They keep changing the narrative but it doesn’t help, it just continues to become more muddled and confused.

The latest efforts by Feinstein and Landrieu have nothing to do with fixing the problem. This about saving face with their constituents. There is no way to restore the cancelled policies and undo the damage caused by Obamacare. And even IF this were possible, where does that leave Obamacare? If Americans are truly going to be allowed to keep their insurance plans and the rates are going to remain relatively the same, then Obamacare can’t work as designed. It becomes rendered obsolete before ever really being implemented.

The solution, the way to “fix” this problem, is totally repealing ACA and starting over. It was never legitimately passed anyway, it’s unconstitutional law, upheld unconstitutionally by SCOTUS and altered unconstitutionally by Obama. It has been an unmitigated disaster from the start and it’s never going to be anything else. But we can clearly see (and ‘let it implode on it’s own’ republicans, pay attention here) the liberals have no intention of repealing Obamacare. No matter how bad it gets, no matter what level of pain and suffering it inflicts on America, they will continue to slap bandaids on it and tell us they are “working hard to fix the problems” associated with it.

They can’t fix STUPID!