The new Quinnipiac University poll shows Barack Obama with only a 39% job approval rating, matching the new low recorded by Gallup recently. But what may be even worse is that the Quinnipiac poll shows 52% of voters believe that Obama is dishonest and not trustworthy. Only 44% still believe in Obama. On every major domestic issue, from the economy to immigration, Obama′s support was below 40%. With a little over three years left to go, is the Obama administration doomed? Panic in the White House is evident as Jay Carney tries to spin the latest embarrassment, that of Bill Clinton telling Obama to honor his promise that nobody would lose their insurance or doctor through Obamacare. Other news of the week is that the Obamacare website will not be fixed by the end of November and that fewer than 50,000 people have enrolled at Meanwhile, over 5 million health insurance policies have been canceled nationwide, with more on the way.

obama dishonest

Digging into the numbers of the Quinnipiac poll, we find other shocking details. Such as an 11-point deficit amongst women voters. Some 46% of voters polled say that Obama deliberately deceived them about the Affordable Care Act. The poll also shows that 53% believe that the Obama administration is incompetent and that 51% believe Obama is not paying attention to his job.

So does the new Quinnipiac University poll showing that most voters think that Barack Obama is dishonest and not trustworthy spell the end of the Obama administration? Is the White House now so paralyzed by the failure of Obamacare that even Jay Carney cannot spin his way out? Has five years of incompetent job performance finally caught up with our celebrity president? One thing is certain, Obama will need to weave a mighty thick prayer rug to turn his declining numbers around.