Catfight! The Liberal political magazine, The New Republic poses an interesting question, should Hillary Clinton be worried of a challenge by Elizabeth Warren in 2016? Mind you, Hillary has yet to commit to running for president again, though it seems very likely that she will. But she still has a solid year to decide and anything can happen. Hillary is no spring chicken and her health may be an issue for the rigors of a national campaign. Warren is also still a relative newbie to elected politics and would the American public support another amateur occupying the White House? So the odds of these two ladies clawing it out in the cornfields of Iowa are pretty low in my estimation. On the other hand, we all love a good catfight, especially watching two Liberal women trash each other on national TV…

elizabeth warren hillary clinton 2016

Either way, the Democrats would still get a Socialist woman as their nominee in 2016. That is, unless a few men take a chance for the brass ring. Or should I say nipple ring? There is always Joe Biden who thinks he should be the next president. There are also a few governors out there who might take a chance, like Andrew Coumo. The State of New York isn′t getting any better so he may as well try for the White House and further louse up the whole country. There are also other wild card candidates whom have yet to talk about running in public, waiting to see if Hillary does run.

So even while we have yet to really begin the battle for the 2014 mid-term elections, potential presidential candidates for 2016 will have to start doing something soon. Aside from raising money, as 2016 will probably require each major candidate to spend over a billion dollars total through till the November elections, there is also the need to obtain ground support. This means campaigning for people running in 2014 and becoming acquainted with state, and even precinct-level officials of their party.

In 2008, Hillary ran on a populist platform. She as ready to use immigration as her key wedge issue to gain support from moderate and the so-called Reagan Democrats. Hillary also tried to play the national defense card to appeal to so-called security-moms. She defined herself as the person who could take and handle those 3am phone calls when a crisis developed across the oceans. But Benghazi may have trashed that myth about her strength during a crisis. As for immigration, she might still have that option open, especially after the recent Pew poll showing that less than 40% want a major reform of the current laws.

Elizabeth Warren could play the populist card, too. This time focusing more on Wall Street and the economy. A new report from Forbes this week shows that most billionaires have done well under Obama, doubling their wealth since the Crash of 2008. Warren might set herself up nicely promising to give Main Street America a boost by providing more assistance to the poor and needy, as well as new laws to make bankruptcy easier. Another plank she may add to her platform would be reversing some legislation, such as allowing interest on credit card debt to be reinstated as a tax deduction and busting up the big banks, separating consumer banking from investment banking.

So while I find it unlikely that Elizabeth Warren would challenge Hillary Clinton for a White House run in 2016, it would be fun watching these two tear each other apart in a Democratic Party primary. Everyone loves a good catfight and these two ′ladies′ would offer us plenty of entertainment.