Steven Hayward, in a contributing article for Forbes made a grand prediction recently. He says that “even if is fixed by the end of this month, ObamaCare is going to be repealed well in advance of the next year’s election.”

After all the slings and arrows hurled at those radical house members who dared shut down the government, wouldn’t that just kick the dog?

Where pure concern over the fate of the country could not move Democrats, fear of an ObummerCare backlash might. Mr. Hayward bases his commentary on the belief that it will be terrified Democrats, running in red states that will lead the effort. In fact, Mr. Hayward believes that if the website continues to fail, the push for repeal could come rapidly.

Naw, this could never happen. Unfortunately, Mitch McConnell and gutless Graham would have to rush in and once again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory if it did.

Mr. Hayward is a visiting scholar in conservative thought and policy at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and teaching in the political science department.

Those freedom loving, open-minded, strictly constitutional liberals are up to no good again, this time in Annapolis, Md.

It seems they are miffed that Republican, Mike Pantelide had the audacity to go and get himself elected mayor. Now they don’t want him playing in their sand pile. Therefore the democrat controlled City Council intends to introduce legislation that will effectively strip the new mayor of his power and reduce him to mere figurehead status. …This from that party that constantly accuses the right of purely partisan activity?

My question is, why not just go for the gold and promote Alderman Ross Arnett, who plans to introduce the required charter amendment to “Czar of Annapolis”, complete with the big, fancy ring, some candle wax and some really nice parchment?

And finally there is this:

For thirteen straight months 47 million American’s have been on food stamps, all while stocks have risen 108%. And who was president while this evil capitalist social travesty occurred?

No, it wasn’t Reagan.

No, it wasn’t Bush.

It was the community organizer that railed against the gap between the rich and poor, the connected and the obscure.

And then there is the poke in the eye that puts all other pokes in the eye to shame.

When members of the Republican House of Representatives suggested there was some fat and fraud to be cut out of the food stamp program the left went bonkers. Going after any reduction in money spent on food stamps was tantamount to stealing food right off of disadvantaged tables or denying new born babies their warm bottled milk. However when it became necessary to find funding for Moochelle’s “Let’s Move” program, thieving from the food stamp program was suddenly A-O-K.

Somehow, magically, $4.5 Billion was redirected and those asking how are simply being told, “Shut up and eat your spinach”.

All of which reminds me of something else I heard over the weekend…

Once upon a time we had Ronald Reagan, Johnny Cash and Bob Hope.
Now we have Obama, no cash and no hope.