Last night, National Geographic aired its two-hour duco-drama based on the book, ′Killing Kennedy′ by Bill O′Reilly and Martin Dugard. The show starred Rob Lowe as John F. Kennedy and covered the the period from his announcement to run for president to the JFK assassination in Dallas, Texas. O′Reilly, the Lord Haw Haw of the Fox News Channel, regurgitated the ′official′ version of the story, that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin. The boilerplate story was painted Oswald as a nutcase and Kennedy as the wise, energetic leader who had a few issues of his own. So why was O′Reilly compelled to retell the tale to the public? Did he bring anything new to the table or was he just trying to cash-in on the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination? As William Joyce would say, ″Oh, my misguided friends…″

killing kennedy rob lowe
Rob Lowe stars as Jack Kennedy in the NatGeo TV docu-drama, Killing Kennedy. Image Credit: National Geographic.

One word comes to mind in describing the docu-drama…, DULL! It was very dull! Dull, dull, dull, and tedious, too! Why, it was almost as boring as a Barack Obama speech! I could only watch the first hour of it before I had to change channels and watch Bar Rescue, instead. Lowe was okay, though he should not hope for an Emmy nominations. The gal who played Jackie Kennedy was dreadful and totally miscast for the role. The guy who played Oswald was mediocre. Our only bright spot of the evening was the lovely Michelle Trachtenberg, who played wife Marina Oswald. Her performance was very good and her Russian was remarkable.

killing kennedy michelle trachtenberg

To be fair, O′Reilly did not write the screenplay. But seeing as how the plot was based on his book, I have to conclude that it was as dull and misguided as the docu-drama. What else could one expect from the champion of the Status Quo Establishment? Lord Haw Haw and his ′No Spin Zone′ is little more than our daily dose of Newspeak from the Ministry of Truth. Chocolate rations will be ′increased′ from 40 grams per month to 20 grams. Double-plus good! This news will then be followed by analysis by Charles Krauthamer, Brit Hume and Karl Rove. After the commercial break, the latest news from the Malabar Front…

So, if you like Lord Haw Haw, a.k.a. Bill O′Reilly, then you′ll probably like Killing Kennedy when NatGeo TV replays it. The adaption of the book by National Geographic stars Rob Lowe as John F. Kennedy and gives the usual boilerplate version of the JFK assassination. But be prepared for two hours of a tedious, slow and dull plot.