This week′s episode of Doomsday Preppers, The Fight Ahead, was another fun moment on the National Geographic Channel. The folks at NatGeo TV introduced us to two new preppers, Chad and Mike. Chad lives in Arizona and thinks that our own government will use nuclear weapons against us! He may have a point as the Number One killer in the 20th Century was democide, when a government murders its own people wholesale. Tyrannical nations like Nazi Germany, Communist China and the Soviet Union slaughtered around 200 million of their own citizens. Our other prepper, Mike from North Carolina, is a former U.S. Special Forces operator who now uses an ATV recreation park he owns as his base camp for surviving a potential bio-chemical attack by terrorists. To protect his family and property, he modifies an All-Terrain-Vehicle into an armed weapon on wheels called, The Interceptor. Let us see how these two preppers intend to survive doomsday…

doomsday preppers the fight ahead
Mike in North Carolina poses with his modified ATV, The Interceptor, armed and ready to deal a deathblow to any would-be terrorists or looters. Image Credit: National Geographic.

Chad lives in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona with his wife and two teenage daughters. For over a year, he′s been preparing his family and himself against a possible nuclear strike, launched not by some foreign power or terrorist group, but by the United States government! Is Chad a kook for thinking this, or has he learned the disturbing reality of world history that in the past century, democide has claimed over 200 Million lives? That tyrannical governments tend to kill their own citizens through mass murder.

The easiest way to achieve this, in Chad′s mind, is to use nuclear weapons. Chad raises the question of what to do when a crisis situation unfolds, such as we saw during the Boston Marathon bombing earlier this year. The City of Watertown, Massachusetts was ′locked-down′ by authorities for an entire day while police hunted for the bombing suspects. What if the powers in Washington decided to explode one or two nukes in major cities in order to declare a national emergency and lock down the entire nation? How soon would mass arrests, gun confiscations, etc., follow as citizens cower in their homes?

Chad has an escape plan. Along with storing food and water to last 6 months, and plenty of guns to defend them, Chad has an underground bunker built next to his house. But if things get really bad, he and his family can still bug out thanks to a 140-foot long tunnel which connects the bunker to the far side of his property. There, Chad keeps an SUV loaded and ready to go, parked behind a false wall. His family drill using skateboards to propel themselves through the long tunnel made from 24-inch wide sewage pipes. Reminds me of the little trolley cart used by POWs in the classic WW2 movie, The Great Escape.

Meanwhile, in North Carolina, we have Mike, a former U.S. Army Special Forces soldier, who now runs an ATV park. Mike is concerned that terrorists may try to use biological or chemical weapons in America. So he is using his ATV recreation business as a base to develop a defensive position to protect his family and himself. His oldest, teenage son, Mike Jr., is enthusiastic about helping his dad with his doomsday preps. Together with friends and family, they have been getting ready to face any type of attack.

Mike trains his son to set up a portable ′bio-dome′ shelter in under ten minutes to provide safety from bio-chem agents. Each shelter comes with an air purification system which not only helps inflate the dome, but keeps a steady supply of fresh air to those inside. Mike and his team also practice patrol routines using their ATVs. However, during one exercise, a truck simulating a group of looters succeeds in penetrating their defenses. Mike quickly comes up with a solution.

Meet ′The Interceptor′, a modified ATV that is equipped with a sheet of frontal armor plating and a gun mount designed to hold a military-style rifle and plenty of ammo. Mike and his son give the battle buggy a cool camouflage paint scheme using leaves to break up any patterns, making the ATV more invisible in the woods. They also manufacture some home-made caltrops to disperse on the roadway leading into the compound. During a repeat of the truck assault, the simulation is successful as the caltrops slow the truck down, forcing it off the road. As the rest of the patrol gives chase, Mike takes The Interceptor ahead and cuts off the truck′s line of retreat, forcing the occupants to surrender.

So this week′s episode the National Geographic Channel of Doomsday Preppers, entitled The Fight Ahead, was a good one. Not only did NatGeo TV show us a really cool ATV called The Interceptor, but also raised the question of a possible democide. Most people would probably never consider that our own government may turn out to become tyrannical enough to commit mass murder, but history tells us that such is the norm. So on top of worrying about terrorists, solar flares, earthquakes, tsunamis and other potential doomsday scenarios, democide is another that needs some prepping for. As if we didn′t have enough to contend with!