Barack Obama says ′modest relief′ will be given to Islamic Republic of Iran if they slow down their nuclear program. Secretary of State John Kerry say no deal has been reached yet, despite reports that the White House has been talking with Iran for several months. The Obama administration seems determined to ease economic sanction on Iran, perhaps compelled by Obama′s closets adviser, the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett. Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu say that the talks will lead to a ′Bad Deal′ if followed through. Another MidEast nation concerned is Saudi Arabia, which is already upset with Obama on the crisis in Syria. Reports that talks are underway between the Saudis and Pakistan to obtain nuclear technology and weapons are all pointing towards the United States being perceived as willing to give Iran a free hand to take over the entire region. Is Obama setting the stage for the Biblical ′End Times′ and Armageddon?

barack obama modest relief

If you′ve ever read Hal Lindsay′s ″The Late Great Planet Earth″, you may think we are headed for Judgment Day. Obama no longer seems satisfied merely destroying the American economy. He now apparently wants to see the entire world engulfed in war. Betraying Israel, Obama is letting everyone know that they can attack without fear of retaliation by us. This might help explain the unprecedented number of admirals, generals and other high-ranking officers that Obama has fired this past year.

Even Lou Dobbs is now worried about civil unrest in America, and he is as about as middle-of-the-road as road kill can get! Why not? The latest U.S. Census data shows that one-in-six Americans live in poverty. In some states, like California and Florida, nearly one-in-four live at or below the poverty level. As our economy goes, so does everything else, such as our ability to defend ourselves and our allies, like Israel.

So will Barack Obama give ″Modest Relief″ to Iran and betray Israel? Do you believe John Kerry when he says that no agreement has been made yet to the Islamic Republic? Or do you believe Benjamin Netanyahu when he says that the Obama administration is making a ″Bad Deal″ with Iran? Are reports that the White House has been working to ease sanctions on Iran for months now worrying you? Should Saudi Arabia seek help from Pakistan to get nuclear weapons and be more independent from America′s once proud defense shield? Armageddon may be just around the corner with Obama′s fingerprints all over it.