During an interview last night with Chuck Todd on NBC News, Barack Obama said ′I am sorry′, attempting to apologize for the health insurance cancellations which millions of Americans now face. This was a classic, staged event presented to us by the National Barack Cover-up News with Chucky-Cheesey Todd pitching scripted softballs to our Conceited-in-Chief. Since everything is always about him, Obama claims that he was ′burned′ as well by the fault-ridden roll-out of Obamacare and the ′Not-So′ Affordable Care Act. Naturally, Obama did not apologize for all of the lies he has told the past 5 years or more. Yesterday′s Obama apology makes Nixon′s ′Checkers Speech′ look like the Gettysburg Address!

obama apology

The latest Obamacare news continues to be as toxic as open mussels stored at room temperature for a week. In October, only one, count-em, ONE person enrolled for Obamacare in North Carolina. Delaware had about 50. Four of which cost taxpayers a million dollars each as they used the ′marketplace healthcare navigators′ to enroll. Think about that! How many gold or platinum health insurance policies could have been purchased with $4 Million dollars, let alone cheaper silver or bronze policies? We also learned this week during more testimony from hearings on Capitol Hill that the Healthcare.gov website was only designed to handle some 1,200 users per day! Not exactly close to the needed 39,000 daily enrollments necessary for Obamacare to work out financially.

Any way you slice it, the Barack Obama apology, saying ′I am sorry′ for the health insurance cancellations is small comfort to the millions of Americans who face an uncertain future. Ultimately, when both the individual and employer mandates are fully implements, some 93 million to 129 million Americans will lose their current health coverage. As predicted my me, the Affordable Care Act will not only cost far more than advertised but wind up with even more people without insurance than before. Obama still refuses to apology, let alone acknowledge, that he is a liar. Good work, NBC News for staging yet another propaganda event! Fortunately, we got some truth from the CMA 2013 Awards.